Ups a Daisy

!! Yippee !!

¬†Texture Tuesday is back ūüôā

Recipe: a couple dashes of iAm and a pinch of Robins Egg

. . .  even more amazing,  I remembered.

That’s all for today . . . short & sweet.
Enjoy the rest of your week ūüôā

Should I or Shouldn’t I

Whoo-Hoo! ¬†Just a little shout out for myself. ¬†I hope you don’t mind. ¬†I am celebrating a little bit tonight as I just found out today that two of my images were selected for the 20th annual Phillips Mill Photography Exhibit. ¬†Yay me! ¬† And to think I almost did not enter this year. ¬†Over the past few weeks, I have had a constant should I/shouldn’t debate going on in my head. ¬†And it was not until Sunday at about 12:45 that I finally made up my mind and got in the car to deliver my images (by the way, it’s about a 25 minute drive and they stopped taking art work at 2:00). ¬†Cutting it a little close . . . just a bit. ¬†So why the debate? ¬†Well 1) these things aren’t free and did I really want to risk losing some money; 2) the competition is pretty stiff ¬†with “about 1000 entries and only 15% accepted;” and 3) I wasn’t sure after not getting accepted last year if I really had what they were looking for. ¬†So, Oh My Gosh, I almost fell off my chair when I opened today’s mail. ¬†So why did I finally decide to do it? ¬†Because last year (my first attempt) I entered images based on a lot of outside influences and not what I felt in my heart were my best. ¬†I guess, deep down I felt I owed it to myself to see what would happen if I did just the reverse and listened to my heart. ¬†Oh, how I am so glad I listened . . . to me.

I was working on the above image tonight for the Beyond Layers & Texture Tuesday posts and I wasn’t quite sure how I could make it fit into this post until I went looking for a quote on perseverance, not giving up, or in this case following your heart. ¬†Now it all ties¬†in perfectly . . . don’t you think?

Simply Inspired

I know, I was supposed to keep it simple . . . ¬†so I won’t mention how many layers are behind this final image. ¬†But when the idea just presents itself, it really is that simple. ¬†Everything just kept falling into place so I just went with it.

Update:¬† Now I know why I have had cups & mugs on the brain.¬† It’s drink up week at M3B’s P52 (you can uncode that here:¬†¬† M3B is another blog I recently discovered¬†that keeps me shooting and very much inspired! So much so, I’ve even done the self-portrait (stay tuned).