Ebb and Flow

One of the things I love about the photographic community is its willingness and openness to share.  Not just the photo (i.e. the meta data) or the tips & tricks or equipment reviews (although, I wouldn’t be where I am today without them as well), but the ever vital inspiration …whether by word or by photo.  And somehow the latter always finds me just when I get stuck in that creative rut.  Recently one of our DPC members posted a link from one of the all-time sharers of inspiration, David duChemin, and I found this:
Manifest-Wallpaper-WhiteCourtesy of David duChemin and Craft and Vision http://craftandvision.com/pages/manifesto.

This was just the elbow nudge, I needed.  A very well put manifesto, but the words that stood out to me were not the ones he emphasized in the middle but the ones at the very bottom . . .

I’ve made a lot of excuses lately (at least that is how it feels to me, although it is really just life interrupting) for my lack of shutter clicks . . . too this, too that . . . and the biggie . . .all work and no play.  But truth is I have been clicking away, from catching the fresh fallen snow, to the family at Christmas, to plenty of life’s silly moments in between.  So why do I feel I haven’t taken any real photographs?  Because, I’ve just taken the picture . . . I haven’t seen the vision.  Or have I and just not recognized it?  Time for me to take a step back [my ebb], clear my mind and then resume [my flow] “FOR THE LOVE OF THE PHOTOGRAPH”.  Thank you Mr. duChemin.

Til next time,