By Doing…


It’s getting near that time…  yes Christmas too, but I’m looking even a little further ahead… to when we make all those New Year’s resolutions… and, if we’re lucky, by this time next year, we may actually accomplish one or two of them.   Just like the ones I published here four years ago (  I’m so glad I stopped to check because the original draft of today’s post was almost a complete duplicate… with one exception.

So looking back (to 2011 and probably every year since then) and those photography resolutions, they were rather generic (and safe) resolutions, the kind you see on blog’s everywhere as the New Year approaches.  And to think I almost posted them again…  But in reality, I’ve actually  succeeded at many of those resolutions since then.  Seems I forgot just how much and with how much enthusiasm because the majority of my year(s) is spent being a mom, a wife, a medical transcriptionist, and…  So the photographer, well, she gets what’s left of those little snippets of time here and there.

So you would think that with so little time, I would make the very best use of it… you would think.  This is where a whole new resolution comes in and the only one this year, well, at least as it relates to my photography/art/creativity.

The resolution: I will stop comparing what I am not doing as a photographer/artist to what all the other photographers/artists/instragrammers/bloggers are doing.   In what started as a fun social media community of inspiration has actually turned into a nasty little… habit… no more like a compulsion.  Whew, I think I’ve caught myself in time…  I get that most of what I see or read comes from individuals/communities where this is a large part of their everyday life… for whatever the reasons such that they’ve made it their career, they’ve already had their career and now have the time and opportunities to pursue their interests more fully, or maybe it is that they are just so much better organized the me.   My reality, my days (and some nights) are full… but I can do a lot better on how I spend what spare time I do have.  I’ve actually already started the weening process (like turning off all those social media notifications), but it has not been easy.  More times than not (out of habit) I open that iPad or hop on my smart phone and “check in” and before I know it…  I’ve used up my free time and have nothing to show for it.   So, the goal for the New Year is instead of opening the iPad or turning on my phone (while I’m having breakfast or lunch, or while dinner is cooking, or just taking a break when I get those little snippets of free time) ~ except for when a blog post hits me ~  will be to open my coloring book (yes! it has finally arrived) Coloring-Studio or to read a little of the Artist’s Way and use the journal, and! I’m taking on a 365-day challenge… because underneath it all for me is the photography and everything it brings.

Anyone know of a good 365-day challenge?  Or maybe you have a photographic/creative resolution for the New Year to share?  I’d love to hear it…

So I have 19 days, 16 hours, 26 minutesGet your color on and 30, 29…. seconds (or even less…assuming I actually post this when I’ve written it) to start!   And who knows, maybe between all the Christmas shopping, wrapping, baking, decorating…. I might find a snippet of time,  before my head hits the pillow….

“What one does is what counts. Not what one had the intention of doing.”
― Pablo Picasso

Until next time, wishing everyone an enlightening and creative 2016 (why wait)!