Monitor Madness

A little rant on technology.  Don’t get me wrong, I know how important it is to my photography…my creativity.  But seriously, it seems that I’m spending more and more time on the techno than the creative.  Last week, it was discovered that my monitor had a green color cast, which I really had not noticed until it was pointed out to me by a very knowledgeable source in the optical engineering field.  So then I Googled the issue and sure enough found forums discussing a problem with my calibration software (Spyder3 Pro) and my monitor (a Dell).  Trying to comprehend the issue was a bit beyond me, so I went to yet another knowledgeable source (thanks, dad 🙂 )who paid me and my monitor a house call.  Problem solved – I could see such an improvement and better yet I absorbed a bit more knowledge on monitor calibration and color management.  That was Sunday.  Here it is Wednesday evening, just three days later, and I could just scream.  Let me show you why . . .

I just took this.  The image on the left (the little one) is my uncalibrated monitor and the big one is my “calibrated” monitor (yuck).  Gee, I wish I had thought to take a picture of them on Sunday {sigh}.    I know my monitor is showing some serious signs of aging and  ultimately the solution will be to get a new one.  But, really, now is just not a good time ~  lots of projects and even more ideas and, oh yea, tis the season of giving …not shopping for one’s self.    Options are limited …

Option #1:  Play the Powerball lotto
Option #2:  Dear Santa …


Keeping up with the Jones’

I’ve been resisting for sometime now.  But I finally did it . . . I upgraded my cell phone.  Ok, so I could have just upgraded to a standard run-of-the-mill cell phone, but nooooo I set aside all my budget-minded, penny-pinching, coupon-cutting, do I really need that traits and went for broke.  I got me an iPhone 4S.  Well, I didn’t go totally for broke; I went with a refurbished and “longtime” customer discount upgrade.

So what made me do it? 1) Since this is a photoblog, the camera, of course.  There’s been so much buzz about the photos it can take and what people can do with them.  I have to admit I was experiencing a little photo-envy.  2.)  The Apps.  There’s a couple that will be indispensable during the Arts Fest season.  And just today, I went grocery shopping, took my new-fangled phone (I was always forgetting to take my old one with me); I went to my favorite cooking app, found a recipe, got a shopping list, and wa-la, I came home with everything I needed.   3) And although this is an after-the-fact, it definitely deserves the #3 spot, as my new best friend . . . Siri!  I have to admit, I really thought the whole Siri thing was just a gimmick.  But for a person who can’t see without her readers, much less hit the correct letters on those itty-bitty key pads even with my glasses on, being able to just press one button and say “call . . . ” or “text . . . ” is . . . priceless!

So, I guess now I’ll have to pinch a few more pennies here and there and clip a few more coupons . . . but then again there’s probably an App for that 😉

p.s. The above photo is my first attempt at Instagram . . . I think I still need to get the hang of it.


It’s not the camera. . .

. . . (or the software) but who’s behind the camera ~ anonymous.

It’s not enough that the days, weeks, months and years keep on zipping by and some days it seems I will never catch up (that reminds me I still have a load of laundry in the washer).   But c’mon . . . before I can figure out a new piece of technology, software, and even a feature on my camera (I’m still discovering things), it’s outdated, obsolete .  .  . yesterday’s news.  Is it really necessary to always be updating?  I think not.  What do you think?  Is the technical as instrumental as the creative/artistic element, do they all share equal value, or are the manufacturers just really clever at stoking the debate over brands & versions and getting photographers to open up their wallets?

Both Nikon & Canon have again introduced two new cameras, Adobe just announced CS6 beta, Lightroom now has 4, there’s an iPad 3, an iPhone . . . and I am sure there are a few I forgot to mention.  Seriously, does anybody who has a version or two older ever really completely exhaust everything that version has to offer?

Of course, I am no fool, and if someone handed me any of the above I wouldn’t turn it down.  But until then, I am happy and content with what I have and slowing things down just a bit.  Whew, I feel better now that I got that off my chest 😉

Slow down and everything you are chasing will come around and catch you.
~John De Paola