Identity Crisis

A question for my fellow bloggers.   Do you think the look of your blog is as essential as its content?  Should it reflect you as well as the content?  Oops, sorry that’s two questions.  In case you’re wondering, I’ve been having a bit of an identity crisis lately — maybe you’ve noticed – I’m sporting a new look 😉

A little history:  My blog initially started out as a way for me to chronicle what I was doing in my photography classes, thus the “Photoblog” in the title.   Holy cow, it will be three years come next month that I started my blogging venture.   Well, since then, my “formal” schooling has been put on hold , but my enthusiasm for learning has been moving full-steam ahead.  It seems each year I have taken on a new challenge … always tied to the heart of it all … my photography.   This year’s concentration . . . my blog.   Even after three years, I still find blogging to be quite intimidating.   A self-confidence issue, I am sure.  So to help me find my confidence and my “voice” to accompany my photography as well as life’s little interruptions, I have signed on to Behind the Scenes with Kim & Xanthe.   I can’t wait!  I am sure I’ll learn all sorts of tidbits on how to add my own style (whatever that might be) and really make it my own …

One more question:  Do you think you have to actually pay to get what you want … with regard to a blog that is?   I do love FREE and so far that has worked for me … although it definitely comes with limitations.  Maybe I just need to change the hosting site.  I have seen so many creative blogs on Blogger … or maybe Tumblr.   Is it even worth changing?  So many questions.   Well, hopefully over the next few weeks/months as I find my confidence, my voice, and my style, I will also find some answers to all these questions.   And, of course, your thoughts and/or recommendations are always super appreciated!

An Observation

Fact:  If I look to hard, I won’t see it.   Has this ever happen to you?  For example, I really want a pair of cool leather boots.  I know exactly what I want, heel height, color, . . . stylish but comfortable, and a price that won’t put me in the poor house.   Seriously, somebody out there must make a pair that meets all my criteria.  Two years of searching and I still haven’t found that perfect pair.   Am I trying too hard?

This is even truer for me when it comes to my photography.    I noticed this with last month’s photo club’s scavenger hunt.  When I went out to find the items (look up, fresh, and metal), I just couldn’t see them or, if I did, honestly, they just didn’t meet my criteria for being interesting enough.  But when I reversed it and matched random photos I had taken to the items … Wa-la! There they were.  This month’s challenge is not much different.  It’s a letter search (you know where you take a photo of something that looks like a letter and then spell a word).  Once again, as soon as I stopped looking for the perfect letter, i.e. the perfect shot, they started appearing like magic.   I promise, I’ll share my letters in a couple of weeks.  But for now, here are last month’s finds: look up, fresh, and metal.

Took this with my iPhone on my walk home from work

 The last days of summer {sigh}

These fish were just hanging around (literally).

And who knows, maybe this will be the year I find that perfect pair of boots too!


Free and Easy

Another Texture Tuesday ~ the Free and Easy edition, which is exactly how I would describe much of what I saw this past Sunday at the Philadelphia Cherry Blossom’s Festival/Sakura Sunday

Three lovely ladies . . . I think.

The traditional

My Texture Tuesday.  If this is not free & easy, I don’t know what is.

The super CUTE award!

Until next year . . .

“You say tomato, I say tomahto”

There’s a discussion going on over at my photography clubs flickr group.

When is a photograph no longer a photograph?

 Mark posted:  Is there a point at which post editing makes an image no longer a photograph? I have wondered about this for some time and have sought opinions from others. I suspect the ultimate answer to my question is, ‘it depends.’

I came across the following news article where a news photographer was suspended for splicing two photographs together.…
The change seems very insignificant.

The debate has varied, which is not surprising because our club is compromised a very varied group of individuals (which makes for a great club).  I answered the question this way:  I think the argument is more about classification within photography, i.e. journalistic, digital art, or Henry’s “Non-Existant Imagery (I like that ), etc. Because underneath it all, if the image(s) is obtained with a camera (or like device), it is a photograph.  And as the discussion continued, for some reason, I started to think of shoes.  You have sneakers to stilettos.  They both look very different, are worn for entirely different purposes, one makes your feet hurt and one is to aid in your foot’s comfort . . . but they are both still SHOES.

 A photograph right?

  and it’s still a photograph . . . with a twist.


Maybe there is a little graphic artist in me after all

I got my grade back on my montage assignment, but that’s besides the point. It’s the instructor’s comments that I liked, “Your montage is cool! I especially like the colors The effects are awesome. You have met and exceeded all of the assignment expectations.”  Things have really started clicking for me with Photoshop and even in Lightroom.  Yay, me, I finally figured out how to go from Lightroom to Photoshop and back to Lightroom minus the export/import.  Some of you reading this can stop chuckling now, all that matters is that I figured it out.    Anyway, I also discovered Flypaper Textures and have been experimenting with all sorts of textures, edges, blending modes, etc.  Now I am not saying that every photo needs manipulation and I definitely think there are some techniques that are overused/misused, but sometimes that little extra-something takes a really good photograph and turns it into something special . . .  a style maybe . . . at least that is my hope.    Hopefully, I will have some photos with this new style of mine to share in the next few days.  Lately, I have had some unexpected downtime in my “day job” and was taking advantage of it.  But of course, just as I was getting into the photography side of things, it looks like work has picked up (at least for this week) — but in the end that is a good thing.