May Day May Day

It is May! Already! I’m not ready…   It seems like just yesterday that I was posting to the blog and there was snow on the ground.   I have photographs to take!  An evening surrounded by chocolate at the the AWP Chocolate Lover’s Fundraiser More photographs to take!  Birthdays to celebrate…  my two kids who are three years apart but only two calendar days apart (not to mention a couple nephews, a neice, a brother, and, of course, my dad) ♥ Mother’s Day ♥ And even more photographs to take! My road trip… super excited! ♥ Then prepping for and finishing up the month with friend & co-femme fotog and our first arts fest of the season. Squeeze in a little bit of the day job here and there and …whew…I wouldn’t have it any other way!♥!♥!

oh-my-magnolia-copyAnd of course I can’t wait to share it all right back here.   In the meantime, for all the snippets in between you can always follow me on facebook and Instragram

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p.s. If anybody can tell me more about Tara Chishom (who is credited across the internet with the above quote), I would be very appreciative, as Google wasn’t much help in finding her.  Oh, there are plenty of Tara Chisholms out there, I’m just not sure which one to credit.

I Took A Walk

when in doubt wear red

And now I have the tune from Passion Pit’s Take a Walk stuck in my head.  But I really did take a walk, on Saturday, as part of the Click Magazine & Clickin Moms‘ Clickinwalk 2015 – Philadelphia/Chestnut Hill Section.

I signed up for this walk as an exercise and a practice run of sorts for an upcoming road trip.  Even though I live only 27 min away, I’ve never visited this part of Philadelphia … just like cities and locales on my road trip to visit the southern states of Ga, NC, & SC (and all those in between).  And, as I always seem do, I’ve packed a lot of destinations into this one week road trip, so I want to be as prepared as possible and make the best use of the time I’ll have at each stop.

First, the gear.  I want to travel light as I wander around, but still have options, to explore city streets to old plantations.  So, on Saturday, with just two lenses, a 50mm and a 24-120,  I started out.  The 50 mm was just right for strolling along Germantown Ave and taking in Chestnut Hill’s shops & restaurants and capturing some of its quaint city charm…


to its more metropolitan… inside_chestnuthill

and its vintage appeal… little-things_chestnut-hill

I kind of questioned the time selected for this walk,  definitely not “ideal” for photography… midday and sunny on a busy Saturday in spring. But, as it turns out, these were ideal conditions to prepare for my trip, as I am pretty sure I won’t always be able to pick and choose the conditions during our road trip either.

Next… Observation.  A scheduled 2-hour walk, on the main drag through Chestnut Hill, which by the way still has the cobblestone and trolley tracks ~ hmm, should have gotten a shot of that (note to self:  Go back on a quiet Sunday morning to get the shot and also so no life is risked trying to get the shot) ~ Anyway, 2 hours is not a lot of time.  So instead of just shooting away, trying to capture it all (something I’ve been guilty of more times than I care to admit), on this walk, I stopped and really took a look at things, and then looked again through the view finder.

Of course, it’s not too hard to spot the big things right in front of you…

A good time to switch up lenses to accommodate the landscape, a 24-120
A good time to switch up lenses to accommodate the landscape, a 24-120

But discovering the not so obvious… that takes a little practice, especially when you don’t have a lot of time.  So, stopping to peek behind walls and fences…

or getting down low…along-the-way_chestnut-hill
and, of course, looking up…look-up_Chestnut-HillI found quite assortment of possibilities in just a couple of hours.

Look out Georgia (North Carolina and South Carolina too), this Yankee’s coming 😉

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Let’s Party

Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!”
~Robin Williams 

Isn’t that the perfect quote for this time of year.  Everything really looks so vibrant and happy!

catching-fire SakuraIf only the spring blossoms could stay around just a little bit longer . . . one good rain and now the sidewalks are lined with pink confetti . . .

a-little-magica sign that Summer is just around the corner!

Til next time,


Just coming off one of those crazy busy weekends… a fundraiser event, which reminds me I have not even uploaded those images yet, on Saturday evening and then up and out early to catch a train to NYC on Sunday.  Sunday’s trip to NYC was more about just taking it all in, including an exhibit at the ICP, lunch at Grand Central Station, and my first trip to B&H, i.e. the photographer’s candy store.  I left my big camera and lenses at home… it got a workout the night before and opted to travel light with just my little Panasonic P&S and my camera phone.

leading lines_Grace bldg NYC NYColorclosed please come againThe city was hopping on a perfect spring day and was anything but closed . . .

Shooting Excuses – Not any more

Disclaimer:  Forgive me if I’m doing this wrong, I’m a bit of a novice when it comes to sharing, tweeting, re-posting, etc. etc. etiquette.  But I guess if you’re given the option to repost it’s okay… right?

Anyway, if you’re like me and have been making excuses while waiting for spring to sprout, there are so many great ideas in this post that I just had to share.  Seriously, I have no excuses now 🙂

Photofocus (old site)

Nikon D800, 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6 VR lens @28mm, f/8, 9 frame HDR, ISO 800, finished with Lightroom and Photomatix pro.

There’s a great podcast I listen to each week, and it really helps with my creativity. It’s called Writing Excuses, and it’s intended for fiction authors. Their topics, however, often apply to all creatives (one I especially liked was this one about using your experience to influence your work). It’s only fifteen minutes long, and at the end they always give a writing prompt.

The prompt is powerful because no matter what kind of difficulty you’re having creating, taking this assignment gets your juices going and helps you get to work. That’s one of my favorite things about commercial work: my clients have goals in mind, and that channels my creativity and makes it easier to be a problem solver. Left to myself, wondering what to shoot is just too…

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