Start to Finish

Time to catch up.  First some Beyond Layers.  Last week (or was it the week before) was from Start to Finish.  Since it’s winter and shooting outside has not been ideal, many of the photos I have been posting have been taken right here in what my family has so sweetly dubbed the “Photography Suite”  (oh how I wish this could actually classify this as a suite).  My setup:  1. A shop light; mine has one of those  energy-efficient CFL bulbs.  You can find these at any hardware store or, like me, I borrowed them from the garage (shh, don’t tell my husband)   2. A roll of white craft paper. I just recently discovered this.  I got tired of dealing with the seams when using the white foam boards.   I do, however, still use the foam board as a reflector.  So I guess I can actually call that No.3 (the reflectors).  4. Off camera flash.  Many times the natural light I get is a strong morning light (blinds not shears on window),  which in  turn creates some strong shadows. So to offset this, I use my flash off camera usually bouncing it off the ceiling.    I also found using the desk lamp helpful when directed behind my subject.   5.  Finally, I finish up in the post- processing.  I do strive for the best possible image right out of the camera, but sometimes when your working with making do, you have to make it up somewhere else.

Here it is . . . the Photography Suite set up.


Ta-Da!  The finished image.  (Textures:  Kim Klassen’s Felicity and Vintage overlay)