It’s not too late…

Baaa, have you heard… Maria’s going to be a Doylestown Art Fest this weekend…baa

In case you missed me at #PaxsonHill this past weekend, I’ll be at the #DoylestownArtFestival this coming weekend on 9/12 & 9/13… I’m not even going to unpack the car.  I will be setting up with some of the finest photographers  in the area, as part of the Pennsylvania Center for Photography Booth #66, on State Street.   Hope to see you there!

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Rain, rain, go away

I had a completely different post planned for today and then I saw these photos.  A little after the fact, but too fun (now looking back) not to share.   A couple of weeks ago, the Doylestown Photography Club (DPC) participated in the Doylestown Arts Festival.  This is quite a big deal for the club, as members are given an opportunity to exhibit and sell their photography in one of the biggest Arts Fest around.  As for the past five years, the DPC booth was a first-class act with first-class photography.  Unfortunately, day 1, Saturday, the rain did not stay way.  Like a sinking ship, we were taking on water… fast!  image

With a little help (actually a lot of help) from some members… the photography was kept safe and sound…

image image

even our festival neighbor is looking rather worried

… and day 1 came to an abrupt end 😦

Come Sunday, sun shining, we were back up, dried out, and better than ever!

2014-09-14 09.44.06-2-2

Til next year…

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Happy First Day of Fall

I thought I’d celebrate with a before and after.  To say so-long to summer, my daughter and I took in an early morning stroll at the Philadelphia Zoo yesterday.  The zoo is one of those love/hate places for me.  I love experiencing and learning about animals I would never get to see otherwise, but I hate how some just look like they would be so much happier…free.  I also love photographing the animals but hate the unnatural environment.

Many of the animals were a bit more active (relatively speaking given their surroundings) than in past visits, the cool temperatures for some and the warm sun for others, I suppose.  My daughter and I had an agenda this trip, the debut of the snow leopard cubs, but we also got a few surprises… some very testy flamingos, the posing lions (they’ve never been awake for us before), the kissing giraffes, and then when I turned around these three…

Antelope-3-copyA shot you just can’t plan for.  Remember what I said about the unnatural background…case in point, not to mention all those highlights, their faces in shadow.   But this was so much more about what I did have... three gazelles perfectly poised.   That’s all I needed.

First task, getting rid of that hideous background… of course.  Topaz Remask to the rescue.  Antelope_remaskNext, letting my imagination run wild (no pun intended 😉 )…a sky, a desert maybe… off to my texture library.  For the background I wanted something warm & sunny, kind of like the day it was, but also with a little intrigue… something obviously has their attention.

I chose one of my all-time faves, and so appropriately called  Between Seasons by Distressed Textures

DT Then a little cloning of some grass,  some blending and playing with the opacity… but just not quite done.  When I saw the textured result, I imagined Noah’s Ark.  I really have no idea why, as my pair of gazelles brought a guest, but that’s just how my mind works, and that led to the final touch…

waiting-for-Noah-copyI hope you enjoyed this before & after.
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Oh the seasons…

Finally… catching my breath.  The last month or two have been such whirlwind… not in a bad way… more like a summer carnival ride that leaves you dizzy kind of way.  I knew I needed to take advantage of the family’s annual end of summer “retreat” this past Labor Day to reconnect with my camera and shooting the nature that I love.

mdreyer_Sept_1And it really turned out to be just the jump start that I needed.  Since then, my head has been spinning with ideas and with fall right around the corner (my favorite time of year… notice the hint of it in the photo above ♥), this rejuvination could not have come at a better time.

Do you have a photo “bucket-list”?  Well, mine I have to admit is pretty long and getting longer.  I have now added light painting to that list.  In anticipation of our guest speaker, Harold Ross, at last night’s photo club meeting, I tried this thing called light painting on my Labor Day “retreat.”  It is an amazing and fun technique…who knew photographing in the dark could be so much fun.  In all the hectic craziness, I completely forgot to do some research prior to the weekend, so all I really knew is that I needed a longer exposure and a flashlight.   I was pretty surprised with this very rudimentary outcome (with just a tweak of the exposure & noise reduction in LR).
Light paintingWhat really struck me most about using this technique is how it makes colors pop. Like in the tree trunk above; I’ve photographed this tree many times before during daylight hours, but I don’t ever remember seeing those variations and that color in the trunk quite like that.  For more examples on how color pops with light painting, check out Harold Ross’ blog.   So after learning a few tips last night, I plan to practice in preparation of a club meet up and Lunar stroll at Laurel Hill, a historic cemetery in Philadelphia, later this month.  Nothing like hanging out in a cemetery on a moonlit night with fall in the air to get you in the mood for Halloween.  Oh, the seasons…

Femmes Fotographers Debut

A few months back, six talented and creative woman photographers got together and brainstormed on how we could showcase and sell our photography in a very competitive market and most importantly have fun . . . and so Femmes Fotographers was created.

Ann, Linda, Maria, Maggie, and Sue Ann (missing from photo is Sharon)

We debuted at Paxson Hill Arts Festival on 9/3/11 and followed that up on Sunday, 9/11/11, at the Dublin Arts Festival.  The next event is the Doylestown Arts Festival on 9/17 & 9/18.  And although we will all be there separately under the banner of the Doylestown Photography Club, we still think of it as our third event of the season.

The weather forecast for this Sat/Sun is PERFECT to stroll around the D’Town Arts Fest.  The Doylestown Photography Club’s has two booths:  One is located on Main Street (south of State St) and the other on State Street (west of Main St).   Hope you can stop by!