Oh the seasons…

Finally… catching my breath.  The last month or two have been such whirlwind… not in a bad way… more like a summer carnival ride that leaves you dizzy kind of way.  I knew I needed to take advantage of the family’s annual end of summer “retreat” this past Labor Day to reconnect with my camera and shooting the nature that I love.

mdreyer_Sept_1And it really turned out to be just the jump start that I needed.  Since then, my head has been spinning with ideas and with fall right around the corner (my favorite time of year… notice the hint of it in the photo above ♥), this rejuvination could not have come at a better time.

Do you have a photo “bucket-list”?  Well, mine I have to admit is pretty long and getting longer.  I have now added light painting to that list.  In anticipation of our guest speaker, Harold Ross http://haroldrossfineart.wordpress.com, at last night’s photo club meeting, I tried this thing called light painting on my Labor Day “retreat.”  It is an amazing and fun technique…who knew photographing in the dark could be so much fun.  In all the hectic craziness, I completely forgot to do some research prior to the weekend, so all I really knew is that I needed a longer exposure and a flashlight.   I was pretty surprised with this very rudimentary outcome (with just a tweak of the exposure & noise reduction in LR).
Light paintingWhat really struck me most about using this technique is how it makes colors pop. Like in the tree trunk above; I’ve photographed this tree many times before during daylight hours, but I don’t ever remember seeing those variations and that color in the trunk quite like that.  For more examples on how color pops with light painting, check out Harold Ross’ blog.   So after learning a few tips last night, I plan to practice in preparation of a club meet up and Lunar stroll at Laurel Hill, a historic cemetery in Philadelphia, later this month.  Nothing like hanging out in a cemetery on a moonlit night with fall in the air to get you in the mood for Halloween.  Oh, the seasons…

Another side to Ellis Island

A few years ago, a friend and I took our kids to New York and to Ellis Island.  The main hall was immense and there were plenty of  items and photographs in the black and white of that time documenting its history.  What I did not know was that there was another side to the island.  The side where some immigrants entered but for some that is as far as they ever got.  The Hospital side.

A couple of weeks ago, in class, the photographer of the week was Stephen Wilkes.  The photographs were from his collection Ellis Island: Ghosts of Freedom  http://www.ellisislandghosts.com.  Continue reading “Another side to Ellis Island”