what to do, what to do

Update my blog . . . work on some photos . . . go get comfy and settle in with a good book ???  The answer, although seemingly apparent, is actually all three.  I found myself thinking the other day that I was losing it.  You know, the creative flow.  I sat down to work on some photos.  I should have known from the start, when none of my photos “hit me”, that any attempt (at that moment) to try  a new technique or two would be futile.  This just led to frustration and a panicky feeling that a slump was setting in; was the new job and schedule was somehow to blame because I could no longer just drop whatever I was doing and switch gears?

Well the short of it is (partially because I still have two things on that list to get to) is that the creativity doesn’t only occur when I am sitting here at my computer.  I have a couple hundred photos that I’ve uploaded since my last post to attest to that.  Actually, I’ve been really enjoying being behind the camera shooting a real hodge-podge of things from Prom photos, to flowers, to snakes in my yard (with photos to follow . . . hopefully soon).  But I’ve also been working on getting things printed (whoo-hoo, finally got my printer to print note cards just the way I want them), been part of an exhibit/art show, and having a whole lot of fun sharing what I know . . . all requiring an element of creativity.  Maybe not that “artistic” kind, but creativity just the same.

Nope, no slump here . . . and now moving on to #2 🙂


Topaz Remask plug-in


I’ve tried CS4’s extract plug-in (why it’s even a plug-in is baffling) and multiple CS4 tutorials using layer masks, etc.  I found both to be complicated and quite tedious ways to extract the background, as well as left a lot of detail behind.   So I checked out the Topaz Remask.


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Catching up

School is out for summer (can anyone name that tune 😉  That reminds me, I need to check and see what grade I got.  I have since moved on to getting ready for the 5K showing.  I’m running a little behind, but Continue reading “Catching up”