Bombay Hook

I made it!  Linda was so impressed on her visit the previous Sunday, she wanted to go again and so we went this past Sunday.  We made it in a nick of time to catch the sunrise which was definitely worth getting up at 5 and traveling 2 hours to see.  Unfortunately, I plugged in the wrong address into the GPS which took us to another spot.  In a mad dash to get to the actual preserve, the sun began to rise, so we jumped out of the car and set up.  I’m glad we did.  The sun just lit the tops of the grasses along the road and made for a beautiful setting.  We then headed into the preserve.  There was a bird watchers perch and we took advantage of it.  You should have seen Linda and I up there with our tripods in this 3 x 3′ (if that) rickety tower about 8′ off the ground.  But from there we got to watch an eagle perched in a tree.  We watched for a while, but of course once we took our eyes off him, he dove into the grasses, and we missed it.  There were plenty of other water fowl to see, the fall colors were still very vibrant, and the weather was perfect for a morning of shooting.  I never did see the foxes, but I hear the spring will be a good time to go back.  And I hope Linda isn’t too upset with me that I forgot the bug spray.   Note: Don’t forget your bug spray.