The Case of the Peony Buds

5a438f8a59219736de84dcbd744c5452by Tom Baril(?), Peony Buds, 1997

Part I:

You never know where the trail might lead . . .   During a coffee break this morning, I popped on Pinterest and came across the image above.

But let me back up just a sec when it comes to posting/reposting images (on whatever social media site).  As a photographer, I do immensely enjoy sharing my images, but as that same photographer I would want … expect… credit for my image.  A while back, a fellow blogger (darn, I really wish I could remember the blogger who enlightened me on this – I’ll give a shout out if and when I do) posted about how so many images are just randomly posted on sites like Pinterest with no links, no credit, no nada.  Since reading that post, I’ve made it a practice to check every click, validate the image, to be sure credit is given where credit is due . . . or I move on.

Back to the image.  I clicked on it, which lead me to a kinda of strange website (not the one I was expecting as noted on the Pinterest board)  It looked to me someone’s website that looks like they “collect” others photos, just a gallery of images, no text to speak of, no real explanation why they were there.  Anyway, at least there was a link to the photographer, Tom Baril, the title and date.  So off I went.  This led to a site called I Photo Central.  Now I was at an international site dedicated to photography collecting and collectors (quite different from the site that got me here), curating for galleries, etc.   And then I noticed something familiar.  The curators for this photographer lived in my little town, in the neighborhood right next door to mine.  Small world.   This post now has a couple purposes:  1) to note how easy a photograph can lose its association to the photographer and 2) a note to myself regarding this local resource (one just never knows how such a resource can come into play when preparing an upcoming photography club meeting).

Part II:

As I started to put this post together, collecting the links, etc, I could not find the above photo in the actual collection by Tom Baril at I Photo Central. But it did give me a chance to scroll through other images by him.  An interesting collection from warm flowery images, like the one above, to hard edge industrial images.  It still bugged me though that I was not actually finding a reference to the above image, so I turned to Google.  Huh? I’m starting to feel like Alice (in wonderland) things are getting curiouser and couriouser.  The flower photographs from the I Photo Central site were there on his website, but no “Peony Buds.”   I also saw it in Google images, maybe this would take me to it.  Nope, just another selling site but here next to the Peony image it said “Tom Baril: Hibiscus, 1997” that apparently was sold.   I am no botanist but I know this is not a photo of a hibiscus. Maybe that is what happened to this image, it was sold and it’s reference with it.  So in all honesty, I am still really not 100% sure who this lovely peony photograph belongs to (a simple watermark sure would have saved me a lot of time and effort.)   Mr. Baril if you should happen to read this post, I would love to credit you for this lovely image.  And if nothing else, I have left a trail to your photos.

And so the trail goes cold as did my  cup of coffee.

Til next time,

31 days, 16 hours, 20 minutes and ….seconds

A Happy Day After Thanksgiving everyone!  I hope everyone is sufficiently stuffed following their Turkey Day feasts.  Heck, some of you may be working off some of those extra calories right now … out shopping the day away.  Me, I plan to thoroughly enjoy this day off.  This is a HUGE deal for me as I am self-employed (i.e., I don’t work, I don’t make money).  And to take a day off with the Christmas gift list growing…. well, that’s a really big do I/ don’t I decision.   And even bigger since it follows the actual Holiday day off; which, just for the record, I don’t really consider a day off… nope, no way …. not with all the visiting, eating, and merriment 😉 … and by day’s end I can’t wait for my head to hit the pillow!

Today is a real day off…a conscious decision not to work (and that includes housework & cooking)…  A day to start off slow, actually enjoy that first cup of  coffee of the day, to allow myself to actually read (not read on the go) and  take in a little inspiration from all my favorite blogs (and find a few freebies, yippee!)… and get a little lost in web where I found this   (  Oh my, so much holiday craftiness and eats!  Seriously, how cute is this crafty little edible.   As soon as I finish up here, I’m grabbing another cup of coffee and see what other wonderful finds are out there…

And while I am feeling the spark of that Holiday spirit, I think I’ll head to the attic and see what kind of Christmas props I can come up with for this year’s Christmas card.  Well, that was actually supposed to start last weekend with a family photo shoot.  Keyword:  Was.   We (I) have never done a “professional” photo card like you see from Shutterfly or places like that, and my daughter has always wanted one.  I must admit they’ve really got some awesome looking designs out there.  To my credit, though, I did this homemade one a few years back. Can’t you just feel the love I put into it?  

Back to last weekend …. unfortunately, my son “forgot” and made other plans, and as he was walking out the door said “just Photoshop me in ….”  Oh well, maybe I didn’t fight so hard for the “family portrait” because of how much I really enjoy the process of creating the family Christmas card ….   Here’s a few from Christmas’ past …

 feeling a little more creative.  hahaha… he had no choice…

mixing things up even a little bit more.


SO, YES!  today is truly a gift I am giving myself …. a REAL day off.