Busy Little Bee

cute busy bee We (and by we I mean a great group of DPC members that moved walls & photographs…Twice!!, pitched a tent, hung and hauled… and provided yummy picnic goodies. Thank You All!). . . so we kicked off the DPC’s exhibit on Memorial Day under sunny skies and lots of fanfare provided by the Doylestown Memorial Day Parade.  Could you ask for more!?!  The Gallery is open on weekends and the exhibit runs through June 22 (For directions to the Center visit http://www.pacenterforphotography.org/about/directions-and-contact-info/ )

Gallery opening to parade goers and Doylestown Photography Club members alike. - Photo credit Henry Rowan/Pennsylvania Center for Photography
Gallery opening to parade goers and Doylestown Photography Club members alike. – Photo credit Henry Rowan/Pennsylvania Center for Photography

Then it was time to sit back and relax for a couple hours and enjoy the DPC’s picnic with club’s members.

american pie
pie by Meghan, effect by #distressedFX

Enough relaxing, the rest of the week has been a combination of work (you know, the day job) and getting ready for Carversville Day, this Saturday, with good friend and fellow Femmes, Sue Ann Rainey. A great local event set in historic Bucks County and the forecast is Sunny & 70’s! Another picture perfect backdrop to show off our photography!

carversville day ad
Stop by, we’d love to see ya!

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cute busy beeI really do love being a busy little bee 🙂

Til next time,

As American as Apple Pie

My storyboard started out on a completely different path.  I originally started with a “day in the life” theme. I have been taking photos all week.  I shot some photos of my alphabet-less keyboard, the dogs, my monitor with my great new camera vintage wallpaper from Fossil (they have great vintage finds & cute clothes ) . . .   I took my camera on the dog walks which is always a challenge.  I even attempted a self-portrait or two (that’s a story in itself and another post for another day).  It was getting pretty apparent that I wasn’t feeling a story.

But then in the middle of the week  my dad stopped by with an apple pie that he made.   Actually, he made two (one for himself too).  See, he’s always telling me about the pies he makes.  Usually apple; he likes to experiment with different apples, sometimes his own crust, sometimes he gets help from Pillsbury.     This particular pie was made with Rome apples because he’s apparently not a fan of the more traditional Granny Smiths (too tart).  But more times than not he usually finishes his pies before I ever get to take a bite; so this time he made one just for me  . . . and I suppose the family and personally delivered it ~big smile.

And that was that . . . {sigh}. . .  the end of my diet as I had known it.  I had to have a slice (ok, so maybe I have had more than a slice).  Turns out Rome apples make a very tasty pie.    So that is how I got to this storyboard.  I have had apples on the brain, in the form of an apple pie that derailed my diet in all of its As American As Apple Pie glory.

Back to the diet . . . tomorrow.