On your mark… Get set…

Go!2015-5k-poster)This is this year’s sponsor poster for the Chalfont Challenge (poster layout courtesy of the borough), and the final race in the Bucks 5K Series.  This was my fourth year (5th if you count the time a actually ran jogged it) that I have been a part of this event.  So what’s so different this year from previous… me.  I’ve learned a few new skills since I started shooting this race and even more paramount, to me, is the comfort level I have reached interacting with and photographing people.  For the first time, I think it’s about 50/50… oh okay, maybe 60/40, candid shots (I do love catching the runner in mid air) and those shots where I’m actually engaged in and engaging the subject… from sponsors, to volunteers, to families, and to think all I had to do was ask… “can I take you picture?”

If you would like to see more photos from this event, you can check them out on my website here http://www.studiomdigitalart.com/p114600569

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Rain, rain, go away

I had a completely different post planned for today and then I saw these photos.  A little after the fact, but too fun (now looking back) not to share.   A couple of weeks ago, the Doylestown Photography Club (DPC) participated in the Doylestown Arts Festival.  This is quite a big deal for the club, as members are given an opportunity to exhibit and sell their photography in one of the biggest Arts Fest around.  As for the past five years, the DPC booth was a first-class act with first-class photography.  Unfortunately, day 1, Saturday, the rain did not stay way.  Like a sinking ship, we were taking on water… fast!  image

With a little help (actually a lot of help) from some members… the photography was kept safe and sound…

image image

even our festival neighbor is looking rather worried

… and day 1 came to an abrupt end 😦

Come Sunday, sun shining, we were back up, dried out, and better than ever!

2014-09-14 09.44.06-2-2

Til next year…

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At least once a year, I head with the family to a place in the middle of PA where you get no connection. . . no bars (the internet kind = no Facebook, no emails, no cellphone) which is quite surprising since we are only about 30 minutes away from one of the top ten colleges, Penn State.  However, there is one thing that always works on my device no matter where I am . . . the camera 🙂

IMG_20140704_144405 20140706_081512_1_resized

This year we headed to this sweet spot for fourth of July weekend. Even though we went to Penn State to see the fireworks and I confess, I used my device to get some tips on how to shoot fireworks and maybe see what the family was up to in other parts of the country, oops, and well okay post a pic to Instagram. . .  but that was it and soon we were on our way back to the land of disconnect.


It’s a really good feeling . . . even if just for a little while . . . to rely only on the conversation that’s going right where you are, and not to hear dings and rings and chimes and tones . . . a prelude to interruption.  As a photographer, an artist,  it really is a way to reconnect with your vision when you disconnect.

**Today’s post was inspired by a post I read, when I got home, by Photofocus and their Photographer of the Week, Nikki Harrison http://photofocus.com/2014/07/07/nikki-harrison-photographer-of-the-week/, and particularly #6 on her list.

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Baby, it’s cold outside

Happy Friday!  Another week of frigid and snowy weather here in the east.  As beautiful as the snow makes things, I just can’t get myself to go outside and bear the elements. So I’ve been taking advantage of the view (and warmth) from inside.

  snowy-cardinal  snowy-bluejays

I have a fond appreciation for bird photographers. . . swaying branches, swinging bird houses, and jittery birds make for quite a challenge.

Have a warm & wonderful weekend . . .

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Ebb and Flow

One of the things I love about the photographic community is its willingness and openness to share.  Not just the photo (i.e. the meta data) or the tips & tricks or equipment reviews (although, I wouldn’t be where I am today without them as well), but the ever vital inspiration …whether by word or by photo.  And somehow the latter always finds me just when I get stuck in that creative rut.  Recently one of our DPC members posted a link from one of the all-time sharers of inspiration, David duChemin, and I found this:
Manifest-Wallpaper-WhiteCourtesy of David duChemin and Craft and Vision http://craftandvision.com/pages/manifesto.

This was just the elbow nudge, I needed.  A very well put manifesto, but the words that stood out to me were not the ones he emphasized in the middle but the ones at the very bottom . . .

I’ve made a lot of excuses lately (at least that is how it feels to me, although it is really just life interrupting) for my lack of shutter clicks . . . too this, too that . . . and the biggie . . .all work and no play.  But truth is I have been clicking away, from catching the fresh fallen snow, to the family at Christmas, to plenty of life’s silly moments in between.  So why do I feel I haven’t taken any real photographs?  Because, I’ve just taken the picture . . . I haven’t seen the vision.  Or have I and just not recognized it?  Time for me to take a step back [my ebb], clear my mind and then resume [my flow] “FOR THE LOVE OF THE PHOTOGRAPH”.  Thank you Mr. duChemin.

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