Happy 2014!

Talk about getting side tracked.  I had every intention of having a post for the holidays.  Well, Christmas came and went.  I’ll just chalk missing that post up to all the holiday hustle and bustle.  I then had my sights set on a New Years post.  Well, as you can see (being the 2nd of January), I got a little side tracked… again.  I did start that post, but then as I started to go through my photos (I was aiming for a best of, year in review, or something along those lines), the next thing I knew was organizing photos and files.  Hours…days later, I now have all my .psd files into sub-folders {woo-hoo}.  After that little exercise, another goal has been added to the list ~ strive for better photo organization ~ for 2014.

And speaking of lists, I thought I’d try a 14 for 2014 list . . . and now I only have 13 to go 😉  Did you start a 365 photo project or how about a list for 2014?   Feel free to share a link in the comment section.

Til next time,  here’s one from the archives.


Spring is here . . .

. . . although you would not know it by looking outside this morning.   It’s a very gray day and there is a dusting of snow on the ground. 

I found myself in need of a serious dose of color over the past few weeks.  All the grays and browns of winter were beginning to take their toll, so my friend, Maggie, Continue reading “Spring is here . . .”