Doctor’s Orders

center-stageAbout three weeks ago, on a cold and rainy weekend I went on a meet-up to Longwood Gardens.   The perfect prescription to ward of a severe case of the winter doldrums.  And even better, I can now get a dose prn (the medical acronym for as needed) by revisiting my photos from that outing.

lilly-and-gold orchidstra

How about an apple a day to make you feel better. . . all 18,540 of them!

And even though the weather conditions were not conducive to going outside and shooting, the upside was the crowds stayed home. . . except for an occasional spectator. . . McCann-Longwood 002Photo courtesy of Kate McCann 🙂

’til next time

Color or Colour

I can’t remember the last time I took part in  a Texture Tuesday!  I am long overdue.  I am always amazed how a simple prompt can spark that creative process. This week’s edition … Color! …more specifically Colour (hmm, Canadian spelling maybe) POP.    I think Kim knew what she was doing when she picked this one… during these cold gray days of winter.

I decided to mix things up a big …or mess things up… all depending on how you look at it.


The challenge with this image was finding a texture(s) (kk_moremagic used here) that would work on an already black background and still get the colors to POP.  A little bit of a funky result…kinda of like these orchids… don’t you think?

Trust the Process

Trust the Process.   These three little words is all it took …

pink-ice tie-dye-orchid_inspire pink-lady

Thank you Kim for sharing your story and your words.