An Evening of Guitar

I got an email from my friend, Maggie, midday on Friday, April 1, asking me if I wanted to shoot a radio station fundraiser with her that started at 7:30 p.m.  A little short notice . . . but what the heck.  I had a lot going on and kind of forgot to check my camera equipment until later in the afternoon.  Uh-oh, I quickly ran upstairs to check my batteries.  I had a fresh pack for my flash, but my camera batteries (both of them, of course) needed charging. . . I just hoped they’d be charged enough by 6.   So off we went to shoot An Evening of Guitar at WDVR with Tim Farrell, Muriel Anderson, and Richard Smith and Julie Adams.  Let me just say Continue reading “An Evening of Guitar”

Fall Outings

The weather the past couple of Sundays has been perfect for getting out and shooting everything Fall.  Linda, who likes to get up and going as earlier as I do, and I went to the Cranberry Bogs in NJ a couple of Sundays ago, Jim Thorpe, PA last Sunday, and even though I can’t head to Bombay Hook with her tomorrow, I’ll be heading to New Hope, PA.  This will probably be the last weekend to catch fall at its peak; the leaves have been coming down quick (my yard is a testament to that).  Between the past two Sundays I have shot a few hundred photos . . . plenty to keep me busy through the winter months when I am stuck inside.