It’s only a day away…

…spring, or so they say.   The cold 40-ish temps are much more typical for around these parts compared to last year (some of you may remember those 70ish temps ~ aaahhh).   I can take the cooler temps (for a little longer), just give me a little more light at 6:00 a.m.  That’s all I ask…



#iphone, processed with a Distressed Textures app <3!

Can’t Sleep

A dog in the face, a flashing little light from a message unanswered, a buzz (guessing coming from hubby’s cell phone but yet to be determined) that would repeat every few minutes just as I started to drift back to sleep.   As I laid there in the dark (waiting for the next buzz), I found myself thinking all sorts of strange things:  What to make for dinner, did I pay the bills, an idea for another blog post … After about a dozen times of trying to fall back to sleep, I gave up and got up.    Yay! I actually remembered the blog post, but this is not it.  Nope, that one will take a little more doing.

No, this one is just me making a notation that I am a few months behind on my Beyond Layers. I decided as I was waiting (am waiting) for the sun to come up to do a little catching up on my reading.  I only got as far as Memorial Day.   But boy, oh boy what a way to start the day with words such as …

“thoughts become things…..  moving and powerful… ”  Or how about this… “Everything is progress!!”  and I love this ….

you are confined only by the walls you build yourselfAwesome Art by Andrew Murphy. Shared by Kim Klassen and re-shared here.

Can’t Sleep?   I am a big fan of those early morning hours …

The Little Things Edition

It’s time for another texture Tuesday 🙂

My favorite time of day is the early morning when everything is quiet (except for the birds chirping away) and the rising sun makes everything glow.  And the best part is I get to watch this a few feet from where I work every morning, just inside my own front door.

My Happy

Boy it’s been a busy week . . . well at least photographically 🙂   Hmm, where should I start.  How about with my Happy. Monday’s Beyond Layers post was about finding our happy.  It wasn’t until I stopped over-thinking it that I found it.  And it is . . .  ta-da . . .  all the little things.  It’s that first cup of coffee in the morning.  It’s the unsolicited foot rub.  It’s a tickle fight with the now grown daughter.  It’s a song on the radio that makes you stop everything you are  doing and just listen (that one just happened 🙂  It’s, well, you get the idea.

Wow what a great feeling, so I think I’ll stop there for the night and just go to bed with all my happy.   Goodnight.

p.s.  Check back soon, I’ll be unveiling my self-portrait next =0  and sharing my Beyond Layers “start to finish”.

Bombay Hook

I made it!  Linda was so impressed on her visit the previous Sunday, she wanted to go again and so we went this past Sunday.  We made it in a nick of time to catch the sunrise which was definitely worth getting up at 5 and traveling 2 hours to see.  Unfortunately, I plugged in the wrong address into the GPS which took us to another spot.  In a mad dash to get to the actual preserve, the sun began to rise, so we jumped out of the car and set up.  I’m glad we did.  The sun just lit the tops of the grasses along the road and made for a beautiful setting.  We then headed into the preserve.  There was a bird watchers perch and we took advantage of it.  You should have seen Linda and I up there with our tripods in this 3 x 3′ (if that) rickety tower about 8′ off the ground.  But from there we got to watch an eagle perched in a tree.  We watched for a while, but of course once we took our eyes off him, he dove into the grasses, and we missed it.  There were plenty of other water fowl to see, the fall colors were still very vibrant, and the weather was perfect for a morning of shooting.  I never did see the foxes, but I hear the spring will be a good time to go back.  And I hope Linda isn’t too upset with me that I forgot the bug spray.   Note: Don’t forget your bug spray.