Monitor Matters – An Update!

Hey, so I have learned a little something new on this topic.  This is an update to my post Monitor Matters, in which I wondered why my photos looked so off while I was working on a post on my laptop.  What do you know, there really is an answer!

First I should probably re-title this post to A Beast Called Color Management.    The long of it… you can read here, as honestly I can barely get my head around it.  But the short of it… if I’ve even got this right, is that, yes, an image can look considerably different if you are viewing it in a browser that uses only “half” color management (Google Chrome/Explorer). On the other hand if you are using Firefox or Apple’s browser (Safari), they use “full” color management, and you’re seeing the image pretty much as I am (minor variations in your monitor settings aside).  Just like the article, I did my own test and opened this image

Hello Fall

on my iPad, in Firefox, and in Google Chrome, and compared all three to the image on my calibrated monitor. The iPad took top honors, Firefox looked pretty nice on my uncalibrated monitor, and Google… well, I won’t be using that browser any more as part of my photo workflow in the future.  Just thought you might like to know it’s not your eyes playing tricks on you… it’s your browser.

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p.s.  All research on this topic and explanation so I could understand it is thanks to my dad 🙂

Monitor Matters

Happy Friday!

So tell me, what do you think of this picture?  Nice looking guy, right?  This is my son, who T 5K (7 of 14)by the way placed first in his age group (pardon the proud mom moment).  But that’s not what I want to talk about today. I’m curious, how does it look on your monitor?

The reason I ask is because I used Lightroom on my laptop to process it.  Long story short, I thought I’d relax and be more comfortable as I worked.  Well, I immediately found myself struggling to focus through my progressive lenses (the narrowest part being for viewing the screen) on the little 8-inch or so, uncalibrated monitor, and struggling with the viewing angle of the monitor, which we all know T 5K (5 of 14)changes what you see.  So other than for the crop, I wasn’t really sure if the color corrections or other edits I was making were actually helping or hurting.

Okay, so maybe I’m a little obsessive-compulsive when it comes to my photos.  He is only using the pictures for his FB and Instagram after all.  But when I returned to the photos on my website,  viewing them on my “Photo” monitor, content aside, I did not like what I saw.  This also happens to be true in reverse; photos that look great on my calibrated “photo” monitor don’t always look so hot on other monitors/devices.   I know, I’m probably over thinking this, especially since photos are viewed on so many different devices.  But, still, I want to show the best possible image… that’s just the way I am.   Heck, even the photos taken with my phone and shared always get a little extra love through Snapseed…  T 5K (1 of 14)

It’s back to my tried & true (and big) monitor for me, and knowing that at least I am 100 percent satisfied before my images are sent out to be seen regardless of monitor/device it is viewed on.

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Monitor Madness

A little rant on technology.  Don’t get me wrong, I know how important it is to my photography…my creativity.  But seriously, it seems that I’m spending more and more time on the techno than the creative.  Last week, it was discovered that my monitor had a green color cast, which I really had not noticed until it was pointed out to me by a very knowledgeable source in the optical engineering field.  So then I Googled the issue and sure enough found forums discussing a problem with my calibration software (Spyder3 Pro) and my monitor (a Dell).  Trying to comprehend the issue was a bit beyond me, so I went to yet another knowledgeable source (thanks, dad 🙂 )who paid me and my monitor a house call.  Problem solved – I could see such an improvement and better yet I absorbed a bit more knowledge on monitor calibration and color management.  That was Sunday.  Here it is Wednesday evening, just three days later, and I could just scream.  Let me show you why . . .

I just took this.  The image on the left (the little one) is my uncalibrated monitor and the big one is my “calibrated” monitor (yuck).  Gee, I wish I had thought to take a picture of them on Sunday {sigh}.    I know my monitor is showing some serious signs of aging and  ultimately the solution will be to get a new one.  But, really, now is just not a good time ~  lots of projects and even more ideas and, oh yea, tis the season of giving …not shopping for one’s self.    Options are limited …

Option #1:  Play the Powerball lotto
Option #2:  Dear Santa …