Free & Easy Edition

Back tonight for another Texture Tuesday.  I’m really liking that it’s a free & easy edition this week and that I can combine this month’s photography club’s Photo Quest, which was not quite so free & easy, at least not for me.   The topic non-ambient light… I confess I actually had to look it up.  And I am glad I did, as I had it all wrong.   I thought it was any light that was not natural, a street light, candle light, lamp, etc…  When in fact all of those are ambient light.  Non-ambient light is …artificial light, but light supplied by the photographer, i.e. flash.  Who knew…

I do love a challenge.  They always get me to think outside my box.  I kept coming up with some pretty crazy ideas, but the conditions were never quite right… which my model was extremely grateful for.  Boy, but when I finally told her I wanted red lips and a Downton-esque mood, she was all in!
MegShe even let me “play” while she put on those red lips.
mdreyer_March_PQ03I also found myself another model and had a completely different idea in my head.  Unfortunately, the props I wanted to use just didn’t cooperate the way I had imagined.  But I still like the end result… I call it simple disparity.

mdreyer_March_PQ01Finally, reining things in just a bit.  Actually, this is where I tested my light set up before the model shoot above.  Fruit can be so very patient and forgiving…


Loving the new KK Cloth & Paper Collection – three pears…three different textures combined from the set …. XOXO!!!

For more on ambient/non-ambient light check this out

That’s all for tonight … {yawn}… time to link up.