June Color Challenge

I acept!   I’ve been catching up on the KK and the Sisters Facebook and blogs. I am just glad I went back far enough to find the Shutter Sisters post here:  http://shuttersisters.com/home/2012/6/1/colour-month.html.

Calendar courtesy Shutter Sisters

Well, like I said, I am a little behind . … 15 days to be exact.  So I reworked the challenge just a little.  Instead of taking new photos, I decided to revisit my photo library.  If you’re like me, and don’t delete hardly any of your photos, it’s a pretty big library.  So, by just quickly looking at the thumbnails, I picked photos purely by their color!  And as I discovered photos I had overlooked or ignored for this reason or that, I started experimenting with textures and techniques just to see what happens.  So I decided to add a second part to the Color challenge:  To stick with the first processing technique I picked.  Although,  I have to admit, I started out a little cautious, and sometimes didn’t do a darn thing.  But as I went on, I discovered textures I had forgotten about and played with new actions.  I didn’t focus on rules or techniques . . . as this is an exercise in color after all.   I have just one question, when it comes to mustard yellow, are we talking gourmet or generic 😛

 So here’s my calendar of colors so far.   Be sure to check back in a couple of weeks for the final 10!

It is the courage to continue . . .

Do your photos talk to you?  In my search tonight for a photo that would make a nice note card that would “speak” to runners, I found that I gravitated towards photos that spoke to me.   This one in particular spoke loud and clear.  The start of the race, the pack,  the green lights.  I remember it like it was yesterday.  It was actually 5 years ago that I ran my very first 5k . . . this 5K!  And on Saturday, it will be my third year that I will be shooting this race for the Chalfont Borough and the first time for the Bucks 5K Series.  It was just about three years ago that I hung up my running shoes and picked up my camera. What’s that saying . . . when one door closes, another opens . . . well you get the idea.

Speaking of sayings, I also found that finding just the right saying or quote to translate what the photo says to me and something the viewer can appreciate is quite a challenge.    I have a new appreciation for those motivational posters you see at A.C. Moore (a local craft/art store for you out of towners).   I don’t know if I really hit the mark here for the runners, but for me it pretty much sums up that first 5K and so many challenges since then . . .

Eggstra! Eggstra!

On my to-do list today was to finally chronicle the happenings of the robins who set up house in our hanging Geranium basket.

It all started about the first week of June.  We watched as “mama”, as we have fondly come to call her, built her nest.  To our surprise this was the second nest of the season.  The first was in our azalea bush by the driveway.  I know eggs were laid in that nest and at least one hatched, but then all activity stopped and the nest was soon empty.  The azalea is not the safest place for a nest; not only is it low to the ground, but there are always the neighborhood cats that hang about.  So needless to say we were quite happy when our hanging geranium basket, with its birds-eye view, was chosen for a new nest.

  About a week later, there were a couple pretty blue eggs in the nest.  And then there was another!

We have kept quite a close eye on Mama and her brood.  And “papa” was never far from mama and her nest.  Every now and then, I would hear a terrible ruckus and see mama chasing off a Bluejay or another bird that got a little too close for comfort.  And if that weren’t enough, there’s been a couple of heat waves for the Robins to deal with.  There’s a reason the Geranium basket was hung in front of the house; it’s sunny and geraniums tolerate the heat well.  Not only did Mama have to use her incubating instincts, but I could also see her using some cooling ones.  During the hottest days, she would hover over her brood slowly fanning them with her tail.  

Every day since we first spotted the eggs, my daughter and I have been keeping a close eye  on the nest just waiting for signs of hatching.  I was beginning to get a little worried and after doing some homework and learning about the incubation period and searching the dates that I started taking photos . . . well, the wait was over.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY little robins.

Today was the big day for two of them.

 #1   #2

We knew the second egg was not far behind as it looked like it had a crack.  Sure enough, the next thing we saw was a little beak peeking out a little hole.  We spent much of the afternoon watching and waiting.   And so that I could tend to feeding my own brood, I gave Meghan the camera and duty of capturing everything that came next . . . and she did.   It’s now 8:00.  Mama is still tending to the two little robins, cleaning and feeding, basically doing what moms do.  Tomorrow will hopefully bring number 3 and we can’t wait!  Our next challenge . . . naming our little robins.

You can see all our robin photos here:


Summer is here!  There have been all sorts of events to celebrate,  A high school graduation, a 25th wedding anniversary and it is only June!

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Race results


The leader of the pack
. . . and my mom said this would be fun
as light as air
Here are Just a couple of photos from the 5k on Saturday.  To see many more photos from the race visit my site at creativelens.smugmug.com.  Overall the entire event was a success!  The weather held, although it was pretty warm & humid.  There was an abundance of photo opportunities (512 in all).  And I sold a print and a few note cards!  I think the later is quite an accomplishment, seeing as this was a runner’s event and I doubt anyone really came prepared to buy art.
I want to thank Fernando for asking me to be his partner for this event and my dad for making our display boards.  I hope to put them to use again in the very near future!