My Happy

Boy it’s been a busy week . . . well at least photographically 🙂   Hmm, where should I start.  How about with my Happy. Monday’s Beyond Layers post was about finding our happy.  It wasn’t until I stopped over-thinking it that I found it.  And it is . . .  ta-da . . .  all the little things.  It’s that first cup of coffee in the morning.  It’s the unsolicited foot rub.  It’s a tickle fight with the now grown daughter.  It’s a song on the radio that makes you stop everything you are  doing and just listen (that one just happened 🙂  It’s, well, you get the idea.

Wow what a great feeling, so I think I’ll stop there for the night and just go to bed with all my happy.   Goodnight.

p.s.  Check back soon, I’ll be unveiling my self-portrait next =0  and sharing my Beyond Layers “start to finish”.

Wrapping things up

Actually, the holiday shopping is all done and the presents are wrapped.  The house is decorated, cookies have been baked (thanks to Meghan), and everything is ready for Christmas.

. . . except me.  Unfortunately, the “day job” has casted a bit of bah-hum-bug shadow.  I’ve been spending a lot of time right here in this chair typing away.  In the corporate world I believe they refer to it as overtime and I am determined not to take a loss this holiday season.  And with Christmas & New Years falling on a Sunday, who knows I might even come out just a tad ahead, which in the corporate world is what they call a bonus.   Unfortunately, all this work has put a  bit of a damper on my holiday merriment (sorry family).  It’s difficult to feel festive when it’s all work and no play.  So, before it is too late (only three days ’til Christmas), I decided I better change things up a bit.  How?  Well, for one, this post (when normally I’d have started working already) and to reflect on what’s really important!  . . . and then work.  And maybe tonight take a drive around and check out all the Christmas lights . . . even if it happens to rain.  And what the heck, let’s bake up some more cookies, snuggle up and watch corney Christmas movies, and well . . . just be happy.

Wishing You & Yours a Very

and a

Happy New Year!

Love, Maria