Memorial-RoseI have since returned from my road trip with my daughter, celebrated all sorts of birthdays, etc., and kicked off summer and the festival season with Carversville day.  I survived May!  With hundreds of photos and lots of topics to write about, I think I’ll actually start from the beginning…  The-biltmoreno, not with my trip… not exactly… but with scrapbooking.

Road Trip HighlightsI used to spend hours (and lots of $ for double prints) cutting up my drug store developed photos, buying stickers that said cute or funny things, and pasting it all to a page.   Then, yippee, along came digital to speed up the process… and, well, that is how it all began, this fascination of mine with photography and digital art.

Of course, I wasn’t planning to start out this bog post with a flashback to my past.  I had ideas to write about things like dealing with the obstacles of shooting amongst the tourists,  during tourists’ hours and all the wrong conditions,  or how not to bore (or embarrass) those you are traveling with.  I guess this is why photographers pay good money to go on workshops or photo excursions.

the body language says it all
that body language says it all

But… feeling a bit sentimental and having read a few blog posts and articles recently on society’s new photo taking habits, it got me to thinking how my own photo practices have changed.

I recently read somewhere that the number of photos taken in 2015 will reach 1 trillion!!!  And in another article, the question (or something to the effect) was asked, just how many of those photos, all those “snapshots,” will  future generations will ever see? Or how about all the chatter about the questionable longevity of our digital images on hard drives, discs, or the cloud.  Even in my own photo-life there is now about a 5+ year gap, where my images (my memories) sit on a hard drive in no particular order (and in only a file system I can probably understand)…  for no one else to see.

So, after looking through all my shots over the past month, I started again, from the beginning, looking for my snapshots . . . for those photos that truly capture the fleeting moments that leave the biggest impressions, the unexpected finds, and the indescribable feelings and memory that a photo (that snapshot) can rekindle, and the story they tell or will tell once they are put together.

Turns out… most of my snapshots were taken with my camera phone (you know, the camera that’s always with you and much more inconspicuous than that DSLR your lugging around).

Love this and all its imperfections 🙂

Maybe, some day, I can go back and scrapbook those 5 or 6 years (before they disintegrate on my hard drive), but, for now,  it’s time to start a brand new scrapbook/photo album, to put those snapshots in print, so they are ready to share…  with the grand kids (someday), family, and friends.  I’m not leaving such important memories to chance.


I Took A Walk

when in doubt wear red

And now I have the tune from Passion Pit’s Take a Walk stuck in my head.  But I really did take a walk, on Saturday, as part of the Click Magazine & Clickin Moms‘ Clickinwalk 2015 – Philadelphia/Chestnut Hill Section.

I signed up for this walk as an exercise and a practice run of sorts for an upcoming road trip.  Even though I live only 27 min away, I’ve never visited this part of Philadelphia … just like cities and locales on my road trip to visit the southern states of Ga, NC, & SC (and all those in between).  And, as I always seem do, I’ve packed a lot of destinations into this one week road trip, so I want to be as prepared as possible and make the best use of the time I’ll have at each stop.

First, the gear.  I want to travel light as I wander around, but still have options, to explore city streets to old plantations.  So, on Saturday, with just two lenses, a 50mm and a 24-120,  I started out.  The 50 mm was just right for strolling along Germantown Ave and taking in Chestnut Hill’s shops & restaurants and capturing some of its quaint city charm…


to its more metropolitan… inside_chestnuthill

and its vintage appeal… little-things_chestnut-hill

I kind of questioned the time selected for this walk,  definitely not “ideal” for photography… midday and sunny on a busy Saturday in spring. But, as it turns out, these were ideal conditions to prepare for my trip, as I am pretty sure I won’t always be able to pick and choose the conditions during our road trip either.

Next… Observation.  A scheduled 2-hour walk, on the main drag through Chestnut Hill, which by the way still has the cobblestone and trolley tracks ~ hmm, should have gotten a shot of that (note to self:  Go back on a quiet Sunday morning to get the shot and also so no life is risked trying to get the shot) ~ Anyway, 2 hours is not a lot of time.  So instead of just shooting away, trying to capture it all (something I’ve been guilty of more times than I care to admit), on this walk, I stopped and really took a look at things, and then looked again through the view finder.

Of course, it’s not too hard to spot the big things right in front of you…

A good time to switch up lenses to accommodate the landscape, a 24-120
A good time to switch up lenses to accommodate the landscape, a 24-120

But discovering the not so obvious… that takes a little practice, especially when you don’t have a lot of time.  So, stopping to peek behind walls and fences…

or getting down low…along-the-way_chestnut-hill
and, of course, looking up…look-up_Chestnut-HillI found quite assortment of possibilities in just a couple of hours.

Look out Georgia (North Carolina and South Carolina too), this Yankee’s coming 😉

’til next time,