happy summer

Summer is in full swing!

What better way to show it off than trying out one of Kim’s
Beyond Layer tutorials . . . fun, fun, fun!♥!

Free and Easy

Another Texture Tuesday ~ the Free and Easy edition, which is exactly how I would describe much of what I saw this past Sunday at the Philadelphia Cherry Blossom’s Festival/Sakura Sunday

Three lovely ladies . . . I think.

The traditional

My Texture Tuesday.  If this is not free & easy, I don’t know what is.

The super CUTE award!

Until next year . . .

Hats & Bacon

What do hats & bacon have in common you ask? Absolutely nothing . . . Unless you are attending the Dreyer family’s day after Christmas Chinese auction. This year’s hot items . . . Bacon candy, bacon air freshener, and of course talking bacon.
And lets not forget the hats . . .

Date Night

Last Sunday my husband and I headed up to Bethlehem, PA for Musikfest. We couldn’t talk the kids into coming and dogs aren’t allowed, so it was just him and me.  We strolled through all the Platz(s) with our mugs of beer (I got the one that lights up =) and enjoyed the warm summer night. 

If you’re into instrumental surf’in rock by guys wearing wrestling masks (reminds me of Nacho Libre) or some African sounds with a bit of funk & reggae thrown in, not to mention the Polka bands, Celtic, Jazz, Pop, Country and good old Rock, then Musikfest is the place.  The historic streets of Bethlehem shut down for a week; and day into night the music is free (well, all except for the headliners in the main tent), the beer is cold, and the food is frying (really . . . fried pickles =O). Unfortunately, it all comes to an end tomorrow, but I plan to go back next year with my lighted mug of course.

Here’s a sample of some of the fun.


Oh, and since we had some extra food tickets our son decided to check it out . . . TWICE!

The Puppy Days of Summer

This is Charlie, our 9-week-old Golden.  We have already dubbed him “fearless.”  He has two speeds:  Super and stuck. Continue reading “The Puppy Days of Summer”