Above All

Above-AllShort & sweet this week (kind a like me ūüėČ )¬† This week’s 52×52 is from a high angle . . . .with a splash of red,¬† of course.

My red ranunculus above gotta a little French Kiss …texture, that is, by Leslie Nicole¬† http://frenchkisstextures.com¬†¬†¬† Her painterly textures are so subtle and so eloquent… dare, I say, so French.¬†¬† Oui.

jusqu’√† la prochaine fois (until next time),


Trust the Process

Trust the Process. ¬† These three little words is all it took …

pink-ice tie-dye-orchid_inspire pink-lady

Thank you Kim for sharing your story and your words.

True Love

This week’s Project 52 theme is True Love. ¬† I didn’t have to look too far for inspiration for this. ¬†Really, it was just Valentine’s . . . right? ¬†Which, by the way I pretty much slept right though. ¬†Have you ever been so tired ~ for no particular reason ~ just pooped. ¬†Well that was me after dinner on 2/14/12. ¬†I sat down to watch the news and enjoy a cup of coffee. ¬†I settled into the cuddler (seriously, that is what the section of our couch is called) and promptly dozed off. ¬†I’d wake up here and there and I knew I should just call it a night and go to bed (even if it was only 7:30); but I was just so dang comfy, I really just wanted to stay put. ¬†A couple of hours later or so, my daughter came home from work with these beautiful red tulips for me. ¬†I think she explained to me why tulips. ¬†She promptly cuddle up next to me in the cuddler and I woke up just long enough to thank her (I think). ¬†I did finely pull myself off couch, gave her a kiss good night, and went to bed.

I was so happy to wake up quite refreshed and to my red tulips the next morning ~ Thank you sweetheart ‚̧

Sending a little love

¬†Happy Valentine’s Day

Sending everyone some Valentine’s Day

Thank you French Kiss Textures for this awesome template & Beyond Layers for so much inspiration & love