The obsession continues

I don’t know what it is about these structures that I find so interesting . . .  their size, that they can stand the test of time, or the hint of an era gone by.  starbarn_2


This past weekend, however, I actually had an opportunity to explore some local barns up close and even rummage around on the inside for a change.


To be continued . . .


Til next time,


When in doubt . . .


I had a little plaque around here somewhere with that saying on it.  It used to hang on the door that opened to the red room (what else 😉 ) that used to be the “photo suite”.  However, I learned (the hard way) that a red room is not very conducive to optimal lighting for photography despite having the best window in the house for natural light.  The red room is now my son’s room.  Someday, it will return to being the photo suite … with a new coat of paint.  Where was all this leading… Oh yea, RED!  Just so happens to be my favorite color and this week’s 52×52.  The only hard part about this week’s challenge was actually deciding on what to photograph…there’s something red everywhere!

Strawberry fields forever…

strawberry-bowlMy favorite fruit, so happens it’s red.  Coincidence?

strawberry_painterlystrawberry-lineupstrawberry-colorboardI found so many things red to photograph that I haven’t even had a chance to go through them all.  Stay tuned for RED Part II.

’til next time,

Shout outs to Kim Klassen Textures, Florabella Actions, & French Kiss Textures!


Groundhog Day

Yippee, according to ‘Punxsutawney Phil’ an early spring is predicted!  I have my own way of bringing spring a little early.  I head to my neighborhood Produce Junction and buy myself some pretty flowers.  Last week’s tulips are still going strong!tuliptime tulip-copySo if you live in an area like I do… where currently the temperature is 20 degrees and a light snow is falling and spring can’t come soon enough… please give Phil a shout-out for putting up with us crazy humans for dragging him out of his snug little burrow and NOT seeing his shadow.


A new pair of shoes

Pardon my absence.  A new job/new schedule and a pile of mulch that HAD/HAS to be moved will do that.

So tonight I am heading up the Doylestown Photography Club’s Focus Ring :-o.  I suppose I should explain what the Focus Ring is.  It’s a mini, about 45-minute, how-to session that is presented prior to the club’s regular meeting.  In the past, such topics have included matting, Photoshop tutorials, lighting, the business side . . . there never seems to be a loss of ideas for the focus ring.  So when organizing this month’s meeting, we tossed around ideas about artistic side of photography, composition, stepping away momentarily from the technical side of things.  It seemed like a pretty good fit that my photography and my work with textures would fit right in.  And then I got this plug in the club’s monthly newsletter, “Focus Ring featuring the Queen of Textures.”  Oh my . .  no pressure!

Well, I have to stop right here and say that the real “Queens of Textures” have some pretty big shoes fill.  I now have such an immense appreciation for the amount of time and work they put into their tutorials, tips, and most importantly . . . seemingly endless supply of inspiration.  Ladies, you know who you are (Hi Kim, Cheryl, & Leslie . . . just to name a few) THANK YOU!

I think the hardest part about putting together this little demo was, well, keeping it little.  After I started really thinking and planning it out, I realized how much is actually involved.  Granted, once you get the hang of it, find your flow and your style, you don’t even think about.  But finding a way to explain it so I don’t lose anyone or scare them off from trying it . . . or the worst, be uninspiring, is a rather large task.  I had to keep reminding myself that I am just giving them a little taste, a sampling . . .

So here’s the image I am using . . .  sweet and simple . . . I hope 🙂