Starting Part II


The weeks leading up to my birthday, I caught myself once or twice thinking “Oh No! I’ve reached the peak and am now heading down the other side…” The picture in my head that went along with that was not a pretty one.  I needed to come up with another picture …and fast.  On the eve of my birthday, it occurred to me . . . I’m not over the peak ~ I’m just starting the Part II  of a very good book . . . my book!

I celebrated the start of my Part II by a lot of nothing in particular.  For me that means my day was not planned, no to-do lists, not an agenda in sight; things just happened … or not.  It was perfect!

EasterBunny Collage


The day started with an impromptu visit with the Easter Bunny.  I definitely wasn’t prepared for this ~ except for the fact that my camera was in the car to document my cupcake outing ~ not only did I leave my Easter basket at home, but my warmer coat, hat, and gloves… and it started to snow!

EasterBunny Collage_II.jpg-2


Aren’t they just the cutest.  They all came prepared…including wearing those adorable hats <3!

deliciously pink


Back on track. . .   I heard of local establishment called The Lucky Cupcake Company and decided I was long over due for a visit.  It was the hardest decision I had to make all day.  In the end, my box included six scrumptious cupcakes:  Irish cream (for St. Patty’s day, of course), Bailey’s cheesecake, carrot cake, lemon cream, peanut butter cup, and the crowd favorite, the Car Bomb (“Chocolate Guinness cake filled with Jameson truffle, dipped in chocolate and top with Bailey’s buttercream”).  Oh so…DELICIOUS!

Part II could not have started any more perfectly!


Date Night

Last Sunday my husband and I headed up to Bethlehem, PA for Musikfest. We couldn’t talk the kids into coming and dogs aren’t allowed, so it was just him and me.  We strolled through all the Platz(s) with our mugs of beer (I got the one that lights up =) and enjoyed the warm summer night. 

If you’re into instrumental surf’in rock by guys wearing wrestling masks (reminds me of Nacho Libre) or some African sounds with a bit of funk & reggae thrown in, not to mention the Polka bands, Celtic, Jazz, Pop, Country and good old Rock, then Musikfest is the place.  The historic streets of Bethlehem shut down for a week; and day into night the music is free (well, all except for the headliners in the main tent), the beer is cold, and the food is frying (really . . . fried pickles =O). Unfortunately, it all comes to an end tomorrow, but I plan to go back next year with my lighted mug of course.

Here’s a sample of some of the fun.


Oh, and since we had some extra food tickets our son decided to check it out . . . TWICE!