I can be a foodie


I’ve been bitten by the baking bug… it was bound to happen given my close approximation to our very own cupcake princess.   Over breakfast and surfing through FB, I came across a yummy photo of what looked like a blueberry crisp. Just so happens I have some blueberries, other berries too, but honestly, they were not purchased for eating – their sole purpose for being in this house was to use in an upcoming photo club Photo Quest assignment, and then only eating if they didn’t go bad first.

Foodie-3Foodie-4Now, not only do I have another photo-op but a yummy and nutritious desert. I love double-duty ops. This is actually a gluten-free recipe, but since me and gluten have never had an issue , I improvised just a bit… a lot like I do with my photography… So, here’s the link to the original recipe http://www.eastewart.com/recipes-and-nutrition/oatmeal-chia-berry-crisp/ and my finished yummy desert.

The Assistant

…or in the cook’s kitchen, the Sous-chef.  And in my kitchen… mostly the dishwasher, with the added perk of getting to lick the beaters 😉

After the shopping, after the decorations, after the Christmas Day festivities . . . I spent a day “assisting” my daughter in creating some of her Christmas edition Cupcakes.

Of course, before being dessert for family and friends, these culinary creations get to be my subjects…cupcake-collage

Wishing everyone a Happy Holidays and Cheers to a New Year.

Til next time,

The Art of Food Photography

Food blogs are booming! I’m guessing the photos of the food have something to do with it! Let’s face it, seeing something that looks scrumptious is going to make you stop and take notice.

So my daughter made another amazing creation that consisted of baked merengue, cherries, chocolate and whipped cream…assembled into a magnificent (gluten-free I might add) cake of towering proportions!

Layered and ready for it’s close-up, it was my turn…

huh? doesn't appear quite so towering here
huh? doesn’t appear quite so towering here
Regardless of the photos, it was delicious!  Guess it's a good thing this is a photo blog and not a food blog
Regardless of the photos, it was delicious! Guess it’s a good thing this is a photo blog and not a food blog

So what did I learn… that it’s an art to make food look as good as it tastes and 1) A must! Plan your set up beforehand. As I tried to find a place to photograph this creation, the cake was warming up and starting to look more like the leaning Tower of Pisa. 2) Lighting. Almost all the natural light I had was just about gone. I think I would have preferred a natural light for food… 3) don’t forget to take a shot of the serving. This cake was just as pretty inside as out…but I was to busy devouring my slice. . . yum!

I almost forgot… you can find the recipe on Top with Cinnamon’s blog http://www.topwithcinnamon.com/2014/07/three-years.html

Still a slice in the fridge … time for desert!
Til next time,