The world was black and white before colour photographs. . .

… or so some may have thought at one time.  So how does someone who has grown up in technicolor and who stops in their tracks for bright bold color . . .

a splash of color on a rainy day
a splash of color on a rainy day

learn to see in Black & White?

I love B&W photography and there are photographers whose B&W images will stop me just as hard,  both from the past when that was the only option to the present and B&W photography like that by Cole Thompson.  A powerful or even serene black and white image does not need color to draw you in or set the mood.  This is all accomplished using shapes & elements, contrast, composition and, of course, light.   But even though I know of these key points, seeing them, for me, in B&W can be a challenge.

So I’ve recently gone back to the proverbial drawing board… again.  Rewind about five years ago, I took a B&W film photography course (wow, that was five years ago already!) and even then, according to my post at that time, I struggled a bit.  So, I guess it’s not surprising that I quickly gravitate back to all things color.   However, like Jenny here,

one of my first film subjects
one of my first film subjects

who has hung in there, now at 14, so have I…  and every now and then I give it another go… exploring my world in B&W.  white-rose-b&wLearning is in doing…

Til next time,


Memory Lane


It’s always fun coming across old photos. I’m guessing I was 3 or 4 here. A true California girl I am, which I am guessing is where these were taken. I recently came across a lot of old photos that my dad took and developed and my mom tucked away. I like to think they were her special memories.

20111127-211404.jpg me and my mom

Photo I ~ portrait assignment

I’ve been very busy behind the camera lately.  I did a roll+ of portraits, a roll+ of a Civil War reenactment, a roll or two wandering around Philly, and for every roll I shot, I took 2 maybe even 3x shots more digitally.  That equals a whole lot of processing.  I posted a very small sample in my portraits gallery. 

Thank you Amanda, JoAnna, & Meghan for being so patient with me (especially when a certain someone forgot to bring the film =0) and for being such great models.   Look out America’s Next Top Model!

” I may not be there yet, but I’m closer than I was yesterday. ” ~author unknown

I emerged from the darkroom with 5 prints this week!  And not just any five prints, but five prints that I actually consider . . . well . . . not half bad.  Of course there are still the technical issues of the film developing I have to work around.  But with a little perseverance and dad’s advice, I think I am finally getting the hang of this thing called film developing.  I even have enough b&w photos that I started a new page in my gallery title Black & White (of course). 

Lesson Learned

I learned an invaluable lesson this week.  From now on I am taking two cameras:  The film camera for the assignment and my digital camera to take the same photo as backup. I have lost too many pictures in the development process (pictures I really wanted to see).  I am not taking any more chances.