Now is as good a time as any

If not now, when?   Kim, from Beyond Layers (BL) has posed this simple question this week.  This, when I am in a complete turmoil regarding my “day job.”  I actually woke up to no work on Monday morning ~ not a good way to start the week.  A big client hit the road (making up more than half my weekly income).  So now what? Sit tight and hope for another “big” client, update the resume and send it out hoping for a nibble in today’s market {sigh}, or use this as a springboard to do more of what I have been wanting/saying I would do for years . . . selling my art/photography.  Ultimately, it would be so great to have a little boutique/gallery, a place where women photographers/artists can display, share, and bond, much like the Femme Fotographer’s but with brick & mortar.  Ahhh . . . a girl can dream, can’t she?  

Ok, so maybe opening a boutique/gallery in today’s market is not such a wise business move, but having my art/photography being sold in one, or two, or  . . . that’s doable, right?  

The last time I set out to do this was a disastrous to say the least.  Admittedly, I was a novice and the mindset/self-inflicted pressure of “needing” to make $$$ completely zapped any and all of my creativity and left me with a pile of prints that I like . . . but don’t love.  I even put down my camera and shied away from my computer.  Since then, I have made a few changes.  The most important (and now my mantra) is my art and photography has to be for me first and foremost so that joy in what I do shines through.


So, what’s next?  I am going to take my cues from Kim, “get to work on the details, the logistics…. write a list…… begin to make it happen.”  Thanks, Kim, for posing such a simple question …if not today, when?…. and providing the nudge, the push, the springboard for so many 🙂 .  Of course, I still need a “day job”.  Let’s be real, I have to fund my dream.  But at least allowing myself to pursue my dream makes the bumps on the other roads of my life much more tolerable. 

Fall Update

I am seeing a pattern in my blog posts which are now occurring almost monthly.  For now, I am going to say that’s a good thing because it means I have been busy and I like being busy.

The outdoor arts festival season has come to end for 2011 and we are already planning ahead for next year.  Now it is time to move indoors.  My fellow Femme Fotographer, Ann, asked me to assist her in an event shoot this past month.  The event was the 35th Anniversary celebration of A Woman’s Place, an organization that aids and assists women and children of domestic violence.

Let me say, right here and now, it was a lot of work! It  was go, go, go for hours straight.  But in the end, I really enjoyed the experience, meeting new people, and having fun doing what I love to do . . . taking pictures.  I can’t wait for their Chocolate Lovers Fantasy in February (but, of course, February and chocolate go hand and hand ♥).

Femmes Fotographers Debut

A few months back, six talented and creative woman photographers got together and brainstormed on how we could showcase and sell our photography in a very competitive market and most importantly have fun . . . and so Femmes Fotographers was created.

Ann, Linda, Maria, Maggie, and Sue Ann (missing from photo is Sharon)

We debuted at Paxson Hill Arts Festival on 9/3/11 and followed that up on Sunday, 9/11/11, at the Dublin Arts Festival.  The next event is the Doylestown Arts Festival on 9/17 & 9/18.  And although we will all be there separately under the banner of the Doylestown Photography Club, we still think of it as our third event of the season.

The weather forecast for this Sat/Sun is PERFECT to stroll around the D’Town Arts Fest.  The Doylestown Photography Club’s has two booths:  One is located on Main Street (south of State St) and the other on State Street (west of Main St).   Hope you can stop by!