It’s a love~hate thing

That is with all this white stuff. . . snowcolors of winterI love when the snow falls and how the world outside seems to shut down. . . even if just for a few hours.

I hate the panic and madness that sets in days prior because the world as we know it just might have to shut down for a few hours.

I love how everything goes from a dingy and lifeless landscape to being covered with a pristine and silky white coating.

I hate how the edges of all roads turn black after the salt trucks and plows come through.

I love how my dogs love to play in it. . . all boundaries are gone!  And even though our pristine yard lasts all of 2 seconds after I open the door to let them out, I lovesilly c throwing snow balls and chasing them to help them mess it up even more.

I hate how it takes them twice as long…and what feels like forever in sub-0 temps…to find a place to do their business.

p-snow day

And now another element to this love-hate thing . . . ice!  Last week’s ice storm here, where they’ve dubbed this area as the hardest hit and I think I heard some newscaster say worse than what Sandy brought us, has added a whole new dimension that flips things to hate ~ love.   I hate how an icy forecast sends shivers glistening tree topsdown my spine.  My house sits under a towering big old oak (and a few other big trees around the property) and although in 20 years it has given us no trouble… just how lucky can we continue to be?   But, as much as I hate how unnerving an ice storm can be and to know I have to say goodbye to that old oak (better by man’s hands than mother-nature’s), I love when the sun finally comes out (and the electricity back on) because it really is a a magical site to see. . . where trees, even the broken ones, sparkle like chandeliers, and the ground is covered with glistening shards of glass-like crystals that have fallen from the trees.  Mother Nature’s idea of bling. . .

mother-natures-blingToday started as a frigid but sunny day; but as I get ready to post this, the sky is slowly going gray. These are some of the headlines for this area’s forecast come tomorrow . . .  “Catastrophic’ Storm Moving Up the East Coast” and Nor’easter to Hammer DC, Philly, NYC and Boston.  Here we go again . . .  To all of you that live in this zone stay warm & safe.  For me, I just hope my snow boots are tall enough.

Til next time,

I’m a photographer, not a tourist

Oh my how the world is changing.
I saw this saying printed on a t-shirt some time ago,
but when I Googled it to find a picture, apparently the saying is now
I’m not a terrorist, I am a photographer . . . so sad 😦

Last Saturday, I packed up my camera bag and headed to Philadelphia. What better time of year to head to your nearest art museum to indulge in some culture and maybe, just maybe boost the creative process.  And, boy, was I in luck because as it turns out Van Gogh is in town!  Sunflowers, Irises, golden fields of wheat . . .  aaah, spring can’t be far off.

Do you see him?  Right there, sitting on the wall on the right of the stairs.  It’s Rocky . . . Sly . . . Sylvester!   Yes, those are the steps made famous in Rocky.  Okay so this was my “Tourist” shot.  I had to, who wouldn’t.  But  is this really a tourist’s shot?  I mean,  I did check my settings; I composed it a couple different ways before I clicked the shutter; and I did wait for a bus to pass.  I think I am going to get me one of those “I’m a photographer, not a tourist” t-shirts or better yet make my own.

Beyond Layers, painterly effect

Actually, maybe the term I should  use is sightseer.  Technically, I am far from a tourist as I have lived in the Philadelphia suburbs for 30+ years and I have been to the city numerous times over those years.  So why haven’t I been here before? Oh sure, I have been to the museum thanks to school field trips from my school days as well as my kids, but I never just wandered around this part of the city (with or without my camera) . . . down JFK Boulevard, around the Water Works, not even Fairmount Park.  Nope, I’ve only driven by on my way into the city or on my way home, always another destination, no time to stop, but always wishing I could.  You know, some times you just have to hit the brakes, STOP, and get out of the car.

Mamma always said, life is like a box of Chocolates . . .

. . . you never know what you’re gonna get.  Don’t you just love Forrest . . . Forrest Gump ;-).  Last Saturday I had the opportunity to shoot the Chocolate Lovers Fantasy fund-raiser held by A Woman’s Place.  My friend, Ann, who invited me to shoot this event with her, described the event to me beforehand . . . but, oh my, you just can’t imagine the wonderful aroma of all that chocolate.

A Woman’s Place is a nonprofit organization and a team of very dedicated people who offer assistance to victims of domestic abuse  This event was held in the very majestic Tyler Hall located on the Bucks County Community College Campus, had the support of many local companies & individuals who donated time, services, and items to be auctioned, and could not have been the success that it was without  the meticulously organized team of organizers and volunteers that make up A Woman’s Place.  I am just so glad I got to be a part of it.

Ton see the rest of the photos from the AWP Chocolate Lovers Fantasy benefit, just click on the image or visit

Splash of Color

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