Rain, rain, go away

I had a completely different post planned for today and then I saw these photos.  A little after the fact, but too fun (now looking back) not to share.   A couple of weeks ago, the Doylestown Photography Club (DPC) participated in the Doylestown Arts Festival.  This is quite a big deal for the club, as members are given an opportunity to exhibit and sell their photography in one of the biggest Arts Fest around.  As for the past five years, the DPC booth was a first-class act with first-class photography.  Unfortunately, day 1, Saturday, the rain did not stay way.  Like a sinking ship, we were taking on water… fast!  image

With a little help (actually a lot of help) from some members… the photography was kept safe and sound…

image image

even our festival neighbor is looking rather worried

… and day 1 came to an abrupt end 😦

Come Sunday, sun shining, we were back up, dried out, and better than ever!

2014-09-14 09.44.06-2-2

Til next year…

Til next time,



Busy Little Bee

cute busy bee We (and by we I mean a great group of DPC members that moved walls & photographs…Twice!!, pitched a tent, hung and hauled… and provided yummy picnic goodies. Thank You All!). . . so we kicked off the DPC’s exhibit on Memorial Day under sunny skies and lots of fanfare provided by the Doylestown Memorial Day Parade.  Could you ask for more!?!  The Gallery is open on weekends and the exhibit runs through June 22 (For directions to the Center visit http://www.pacenterforphotography.org/about/directions-and-contact-info/ )

Gallery opening to parade goers and Doylestown Photography Club members alike. - Photo credit Henry Rowan/Pennsylvania Center for Photography
Gallery opening to parade goers and Doylestown Photography Club members alike. – Photo credit Henry Rowan/Pennsylvania Center for Photography

Then it was time to sit back and relax for a couple hours and enjoy the DPC’s picnic with club’s members.

american pie
pie by Meghan, effect by #distressedFX

Enough relaxing, the rest of the week has been a combination of work (you know, the day job) and getting ready for Carversville Day, this Saturday, with good friend and fellow Femmes, Sue Ann Rainey. A great local event set in historic Bucks County and the forecast is Sunny & 70’s! Another picture perfect backdrop to show off our photography!

carversville day ad
Stop by, we’d love to see ya!

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cute busy beeI really do love being a busy little bee 🙂

Til next time,

Let’s Party

Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!”
~Robin Williams 

Isn’t that the perfect quote for this time of year.  Everything really looks so vibrant and happy!

catching-fire SakuraIf only the spring blossoms could stay around just a little bit longer . . . one good rain and now the sidewalks are lined with pink confetti . . .

a-little-magica sign that Summer is just around the corner!

Til next time,

Doctor’s Orders

center-stageAbout three weeks ago, on a cold and rainy weekend I went on a meet-up to Longwood Gardens.   The perfect prescription to ward of a severe case of the winter doldrums.  And even better, I can now get a dose prn (the medical acronym for as needed) by revisiting my photos from that outing.

lilly-and-gold orchidstra

How about an apple a day to make you feel better. . . all 18,540 of them!

And even though the weather conditions were not conducive to going outside and shooting, the upside was the crowds stayed home. . . except for an occasional spectator. . . McCann-Longwood 002Photo courtesy of Kate McCann 🙂

’til next time

Ebb and Flow

One of the things I love about the photographic community is its willingness and openness to share.  Not just the photo (i.e. the meta data) or the tips & tricks or equipment reviews (although, I wouldn’t be where I am today without them as well), but the ever vital inspiration …whether by word or by photo.  And somehow the latter always finds me just when I get stuck in that creative rut.  Recently one of our DPC members posted a link from one of the all-time sharers of inspiration, David duChemin, and I found this:
Manifest-Wallpaper-WhiteCourtesy of David duChemin and Craft and Vision http://craftandvision.com/pages/manifesto.

This was just the elbow nudge, I needed.  A very well put manifesto, but the words that stood out to me were not the ones he emphasized in the middle but the ones at the very bottom . . .

I’ve made a lot of excuses lately (at least that is how it feels to me, although it is really just life interrupting) for my lack of shutter clicks . . . too this, too that . . . and the biggie . . .all work and no play.  But truth is I have been clicking away, from catching the fresh fallen snow, to the family at Christmas, to plenty of life’s silly moments in between.  So why do I feel I haven’t taken any real photographs?  Because, I’ve just taken the picture . . . I haven’t seen the vision.  Or have I and just not recognized it?  Time for me to take a step back [my ebb], clear my mind and then resume [my flow] “FOR THE LOVE OF THE PHOTOGRAPH”.  Thank you Mr. duChemin.

Til next time,