Give me a minute . . . I’m thinking

You’ll always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take

 ~ Wayne Gretzky

Won’t my husband, son, & daughter be so pleased I quoted a hockey player.  But, hey, when it fits . . . it just fits.

This quote came up when I did a search on overthinking.  Yup, I was so overthinking my overthinking that I googled it.  Seriously, this is something I have been doing way too much of lately and it has thrown me way off course.  And in some cases (like the quote says) I have completely missed the shot.  I have started and deleted three blog posts this week.  Why?  Because I’d start to over think them.  Wondering who was going to read them; what they would think; why would anybody want to read them, etc, etc.  I over thought my posts so much that I’d completely lose my train of thought and {delete}.  And then today, after reading a couple inspiring blog posts, I realized that first and foremost I created this blog for me and to share . . . whatever.   And if people stop by and decide to read it, great! And if not,  that’s okay too (but of course deep down I hope everyone does 😉 ).

. . . and so this is the shot I took today.