My Happy

Boy it’s been a busy week . . . well at least photographically ūüôā ¬† Hmm, where should I start. ¬†How about with my Happy.¬†Monday’s Beyond Layers post was about finding our happy. ¬†It wasn’t until I stopped over-thinking it that I found it. ¬†And it is . . . ¬†ta-da . . .¬†¬†all the little things. ¬†It’s that first cup of coffee in the morning. ¬†It’s the unsolicited foot rub. ¬†It’s a tickle fight with the now grown daughter. ¬†It’s a song on the radio that makes you stop everything you are ¬†doing and just listen (that one just happened ūüôā ¬†It’s, well, you get the idea.

Wow what a great feeling, so I think I’ll stop there for the night and just go to bed with all my happy. ¬† Goodnight.

p.s. ¬†Check back soon, I’ll be unveiling my self-portrait next =0 ¬†and sharing my Beyond Layers “start to finish”.

Simply Inspired

I know, I was supposed to keep it simple . . . ¬†so I won’t mention how many layers are behind this final image. ¬†But when the idea just presents itself, it really is that simple. ¬†Everything just kept falling into place so I just went with it.

Update:¬† Now I know why I have had cups & mugs on the brain.¬† It’s drink up week at M3B’s P52 (you can uncode that here:¬†¬† M3B is another blog I recently discovered¬†that keeps me shooting and very much inspired! So much so, I’ve even done the self-portrait (stay tuned).