what to do, what to do

Update my blog . . . work on some photos . . . go get comfy and settle in with a good book ???  The answer, although seemingly apparent, is actually all three.  I found myself thinking the other day that I was losing it.  You know, the creative flow.  I sat down to work on some photos.  I should have known from the start, when none of my photos “hit me”, that any attempt (at that moment) to try  a new technique or two would be futile.  This just led to frustration and a panicky feeling that a slump was setting in; was the new job and schedule was somehow to blame because I could no longer just drop whatever I was doing and switch gears?

Well the short of it is (partially because I still have two things on that list to get to) is that the creativity doesn’t only occur when I am sitting here at my computer.  I have a couple hundred photos that I’ve uploaded since my last post to attest to that.  Actually, I’ve been really enjoying being behind the camera shooting a real hodge-podge of things from Prom photos, to flowers, to snakes in my yard (with photos to follow . . . hopefully soon).  But I’ve also been working on getting things printed (whoo-hoo, finally got my printer to print note cards just the way I want them), been part of an exhibit/art show, and having a whole lot of fun sharing what I know . . . all requiring an element of creativity.  Maybe not that “artistic” kind, but creativity just the same.

Nope, no slump here . . . and now moving on to #2 🙂


Beyond Layers ~ My Story

I have been doing a lot of “house cleaning” lately.  You know . . . re-evaluating, reorganizing, out with the old in with the new; all those things that are inherent with the New Year.  In this case though I am not referring to my actual house; it’s still a mess.  I am talking about my photography and my art.  I thought giving my website and this blog a freshening up (wow, that’s five ways I have basically said the same thing) would do the trick.  Simplifying was the word that kept popping into my head, so that’s what I did. . . or at least tried to do.  But in doing all of this sprucing up (sorry, did it again — last time I promise), I still haven’t gotten it quite right.  If anything, I’ve been even more lost for a direction to take things.  I’ve told myself it’s just the time of year, it’s the “day” job,  it’s the point I am at in my life (one of those milestone birthdays is coming up), my relationships, or heck that I am just over-thinking things.  I think I’ve even blamed the dogs at one point.  And as valid as all these thoughts/feelings are either in themselves or as part of a concoction, the bottom line is that I feel my creativity has hit a plateau.  Oh, I have still been out shooting and making images that quite honestly have even surprised me.  But I have continued to have this nagging feeling, a feeling something is missing, that there should be more . . . that I have more in me and I just don’t know how to get it out there.

And then I accepted this assignment . . . my story.  In writing my story or at least trying to, I came across clues.  Clue 1:  I went back to school ~ which is when & why I started this blog in the first place.  Clue 2:  I joined a photography club, volunteered to be a part of its steering committee, entered exhibits and contests.  Clue 3:  Came up with the idea to form a co-op of sorts with 5 very talented women photographers and now good friends of mine and do the first of what I hope are many arts festivals.  Clue 4:  Just yesterday, Beyond Layers.

I’ll spare you the lengthy edits (and there have been many since I sat down and started this post) and just say . . . Bozinga! I just now figured out all the clues!  No kidding, just now.  Thing is your never done learning, growing, sharing, exploring and it is all of these things that feed and inspire CREATIVITY (or whatever your passion in life is).  It doesn’t matter if you got a late start and it’s not suppose to all come out at once; it’s forever developing & growing & changing.  There’s an endless supply of creativity; we just need to give it enough time develop to see the final outcome (I swear I did not intentionally come up with that analogy).   Before today if anyone had asked me why I chose CreativeLens to identify myself, I don’t think I would have had a very good answer.  I do now because it’s my story.  

Mom vs the Tooth Fairy

Sometimes we get our inspiration/creativity from the strangest places . . .

I thought I would make good use of the winter ho-hums and take another look at some photos I have taken; photos I had plans for but didn’t have the time for.  So, tonight I revisited Connecticut.  When I came across this photo of my nephew, all I could think of was a discussion earlier today about the tooth fairy.

Thank you, Kim!


I am sure there are a lot of people out there who would think that the prospects of losing their day job would be the worst thing that could happen in the world.  I did too . . . until just recently.  Continue reading “Ah-ha!”

The creative process behind the family Christmas Card

So it’s less than a week until Christmas and I still haven’t sent out my Christmas cards.  It’s been a long tradition of mine to make my own.  I start thinking of ideas earlier in the year, keeping my eyes out for possible photos to use, sayings I hear, but it is not until that creative process strikes does the Christmas card come together.  This year it seems to have hit a little later than usual.  Continue reading “The creative process behind the family Christmas Card”