Words for Wednesday

I can’t believe it.  From a hurricane to the first snow of the season!  Although does it really count if it doesn’t stick?  Anyway seems like forever since I’ve been here on the blog.  I’ve also had some serious catching up to do on the many other blogs I love to follow.  There just never seems to be enough hours in the day to do it all.   So I can’t think of a better way to spend this snowy/rainy Wednesday evening than catching up.

A quick recap:  The arts fest season ended {sigh}.  It might not be the most lucrative way to get my photography out there, but I can surely tell you it is an amazing way to meet interesting, talented, and dedicated people.  I can’t wait until  next year.  During the winter months, there’s the photography club, which, again, mixes photography with meeting all sorts of people.   I never really thought of photography as being a social activity, but for me it really is!  From the bloggers, to the photographers, to the strangers I meet when I am out shooting . . . this is quite the social activity. . . at least for me.

Now for some photography . . .   This month’s photo club challenge , pardon me, I mean “Quest” is Portraiture.  My dilemmas:

1) Portraiture — Not the type of photography I usually do (this is definitely more of a challenge, at least for me).

2)  Getting my (insert expletive here) flash to cooperate.

3) {I thought} I needed a creative idea.

With Model #1 everything just seemed to click … right down to the breeze blowing through her hair.  But I had taken those kinds of photos before … model #1 and I watched plenty of America’s Next Top Model and she’s always willing to strike a pose.   I was still feeling the need to get a little creative … maybe to compensate for my lack of confidence in taking portraits.  That brings us to Model #2 and that dang flash.   I even brushed up on flash photography and portraiture, but even with all that preparation, I just could not get the images I had envisioned to show up in the LCD display.  Frustrated, I ditched the flash and used what little natural light I had … oh, and some red hot chili peppers :-0  Now that I think about it, this is more like how I was feeling while trying to get my flash to cooperate.

Lighting aside, you’re probably now wondering what the heck I was thinking when I wrapped this fella in lighted chili peppers.  I’ll just say it seemed like a potentially good idea in my head . . . that and model #2 is a really great sport for putting up with my crazy idea.

So in the end, the flash worked as fill when used outside; but for an indoor photo I fared much better when I put the flash away . . . at least for my intents and purposes.  So now the final portraits (sorry,  no chili peppers involved).  If you’re a DPC member and want to see them fresh at the meeting, STOP HERE.  Otherwise . . .



BTW, Flora Bella actions used with model #1 ….Love These!!!!

Thought I would share . . .

. . . since I really haven’t had a whole lot of time to shoot lately.

I’ve been in one of those periods where everyday life has taken a lot of time and energy and my creative endeavors have had to wait.  Even this post has been sitting in draft mode for a few days.  But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking up new ideas or projects.  Quite the contrary, my idea notebook (yes, I have started to keep one and it comes in very handy), is filling up.

So I thought I would share a link or two today that inspired a couple of ideas for my idea notebook.

I tend to gravitate toward anything with the word creative in it or a derivative there of so of course this title, on may Facebook, got my attention Creative Portrait Photography Tips.  This title actually got my attention because portrait photography has not really been one of my strong suits.  I think mostly because I find it . . . intimidating.   I go through all the tips and tricks I’ve been told such as striking up a conversation, making them forget you have a camera, etc.  But seriously the hardest part for me is to get the words “can I take your picture” to leave my lips.  Oh, so many missed opportunities due to that little bit of hesitation {sigh}.  So I usually take the sneaky  route and shoot from the hip, but of course that is so hit or miss.  Studio photography has not really been an option . . . I don’t have one, no high-end lights & equipment, not even a spare room in the house (need one of the kids to move out for that).  And even for an impromptu, outdoor, natural light shoot, well, having a model would help.   . . . Ok, I won’t keep you waiting any longer.


What intrigued me the most was the photographer’s creative process; the artist coming up with the concept, sketching it out, the artistic makeup, and choosing the settings to complete the concept long before the photos ever went into Photoshop.  Oh, and the lack of equipment.

And speaking of portrait/people photographers, I have a few favorites.  There’s a couple of the “Master’s” of course, but there’s a couple others that almost always come to mind first.   First  is my brother; I guess he’s the one that got the people-person gene http://www.spiritdogphotography.com/ .  Then when my daughter went off to college last year, I came across a young photographer by the name of Kevin Wong.  He’s fresh & edgy, but not too in your face or dark . . . for me anyway; he’s creative, young, and I think even a little . . . vintage (which I love).  What a great mix.  I often think if I did portraits, I would like to take something from his style.  You can check him out here http://www.wix.com/kwong07734/kwport.

So hopefully as things calm down in the days to come I will be able to implement some of those ideas in my notebook . . . I can’t wait!

HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SPRING! (a few hours early :-))

July – Photo a Day

My brother came up with the idea of a July photo-a-day.  There are three of us posting our daily photo on Facebook and I must say the photos keep getting more interesting. Except for my day 8, it looks too posed for my taste, but then again I was losing my light and short on time and when all else fails bring out the dog 😉  I can also see this becoming  more of a challenge Mondays-Fridays as the month goes on.  Unfortunately, I do have a “day job” that limits my time behind the camera; and making photos of my work area appear interesting and fresh seems virtually impossible, but that doesn’t mean I won’t try.

You can check out mine at http://creativelens.smugmug.com/Photo-of-the-Day/July-Photo-of-the-Day/12835943_ccmF8#925939129_xncDB