Cow Girls

cow girls_rev1wA rainy day, the perfect day play inside.  Learning some new techniques is a great way to bring some old photos back to life (you can see the original here  I love these cows.  They’re so unique and they knew it . . . just look at that one strut her stuff. 

Til next time,

Fall Outings

The weather the past couple of Sundays has been perfect for getting out and shooting everything Fall.  Linda, who likes to get up and going as earlier as I do, and I went to the Cranberry Bogs in NJ a couple of Sundays ago, Jim Thorpe, PA last Sunday, and even though I can’t head to Bombay Hook with her tomorrow, I’ll be heading to New Hope, PA.  This will probably be the last weekend to catch fall at its peak; the leaves have been coming down quick (my yard is a testament to that).  Between the past two Sundays I have shot a few hundred photos . . . plenty to keep me busy through the winter months when I am stuck inside.