It’s Tradition

So how long do you have to do something before it’s officially a tradition?  Me and the family have been heading to Connecticut for Fourth of July for {I think} five years now.  Every year I bring the sparklers and those silly fireworks that never leave the ground, we swim, take in some sites, and some of us run in the 4 on the 4th {although I have since hung up my running shoes and crossed that off the bucket list) and some of us photograph it.

It sure feels like a tradition to me . . .


Team Stack

The Little Engine that could

Did she or didn’t she . . .

Loving the marble cam app

What’s a seaport town without boats ~ loving my iPhone 🙂

It just doesn’t get much more traditional than this.
And if you’re interested, it’s on the market for a cool 1.4 mil 😉


Mom vs the Tooth Fairy

Sometimes we get our inspiration/creativity from the strangest places . . .

I thought I would make good use of the winter ho-hums and take another look at some photos I have taken; photos I had plans for but didn’t have the time for.  So, tonight I revisited Connecticut.  When I came across this photo of my nephew, all I could think of was a discussion earlier today about the tooth fairy.

Thank you, Kim!