Here’s to a Spooktacular October

It’s been a busy month and my camera has gotten one heck of a workout… from the events for A Woman’s Place and 5k’s benefiting our four-legged friends, to this year’s amazing autumn landscape and color, to getting creative with things just lying around the house and at the “Haunted Ghost House” in Lambertville…  {whew}

To commemorate such an awesome month….  I’ve put a little something together to sum it all up.


Want to see some more of my images from the “Haunted Ghost House?” I’ll be posting throughout the day on Instagram. So much  effort and creativity goes into Dolores Dragan’s Halloween art display for all to enjoy, so be sure to check them out HERE.  Not on Instagram or Facebook, not to worry, I’ll do an “after party” post tomorrow… stay tuned.

Hope you have a Spooktacular Halloween!

Until next time,

Shout out to Jai Art and Captured by Carrie for helping me add just the right mood to my image.


Sample Compositing

Just turned in my first assignment for digital imaging. It was an exercise in using layers and extracting tools. I figured I would also use other tools at my disposal, such as Topaz remask 3, and the smudge, clone, and blur tools. Even though I have a pretty fair background in using these tools, I have decided to challenge myself for this class and try to be a little more creative and further hone in on my photoshop skills. So here’s Practice Assignment #1