Artist Statement – TAKE 101 (at least)

Not sure today is the day I should be writing this, but then again a little soul-searching may be just the therapy I need right about now.   So here it goes…

…. It’s about a half-hour later – nothing yet.   I’m thirsty . . . be right back.

I’m back.  Okay, so while I was puttering in the kitchen (grabbed a snack too), and still contemplating the task at hand, I recalled a conversation I had with my dad (one of my biggest supporters on so many levels) just yesterday …

He said I’m at the perfect point in my life to start concentrating on getting my art/photography out there (he used the word commercially).   I timidly agreed.   I went on to tell him that I was working on putting together a cohesive body of work and we talked about all the ideas I had to do just that . . .  go “commercial” (although I’m not sure that is the word I would use,  but for lack of a better one. . .).  I felt that this cohesive base was key to taking that next step, and it is something I have been working on quite diligently this past week for the first arts fest I’m doing.

I realized, no lie, as I recalled this conversation, and in the processing of writing it down, that I really have gotten where I need to be.  The last two (wow, it’s only been two, maybe three) years have been filled with learning, exploring and experimenting, and well simply just finding my way . . . to where I am right now, this place, this very moment.

And with that revelation . . .  Back to my artist statement and my conversation with my dad . . .  As we were discussing resolution and I was making quite a skimpy argument for my 12 vs. his 36 megapixel camera (yes, I know there really isn’t one), at one point I explained to him, “The end result, the picture in the frame, is a meld of what the camera recorded and what I imagine it to be.”   And there it is!  Whoo-hoo . . . This is my artist statement!

Umm, too short?  It should probably be a little bit longer, huh?  . . . but really all that comes to mind right now is.

“That’ll do pig, that’ll do.”

~ Mr. Hoggett in the movie Babe ~



Working Studio

 Over 4th of July weekend (yes, I know, I am a little behind on my posts), I had an opportunity to check out the studio of Jody Dole.  Wow!  From the work space to the living space to the studio space . . . wow!  And the wall of books floor to ceiling Continue reading “Working Studio”