Exhibit Updates

I am sure everyone has been just dying to know how I did in the two exhibits I entered at Phillips Mill & Churchville . . .  right ;-?  Apparently, Phillips Mill did not find my photos quite worthy enough.  But that’s okay, I learned a lot about the juried process.  And as a photographer I learned to stay true to my heart.  Next time I will enter photos that are more near & dear to me than trying to second guess the judges.  I fared a little bit better at Churchville and took home an Honorable Mention!  More than the award, I am taking back with me the comment that was left by one of the judges, which said “You can walk by and not see the beauty in this.  Love the technique and the camouflaged owl.” And with that little bit of recognition, I am already working my photos for next couple of exhibits.


. . .  stands for Phillips Mill Photographic Exhibition (http://www.phillipsmill.org/index.html) which runs from June 4-26.  I just finished the four pieces I am submitting for judging without a moment to spare.  They have to be submitted tomorrow.  This is my very first juried exhibit which basically means 2 of the 3 jurors/judges have to like my work in order for me to get into the exhibit.  Talk about nerve-racking.

I would not call myself a procrastinator.  In this case, I have cut it so close due to a lack of experience in preparing for such  an endeavor.  Not only did I have to come up with a “body” of work (apparently they like to see your artistic vision in a number of pieces – not just one), but I also had to print, mat, frame, tag, and pack . . . whew.  None of which I have done a lot of  and none that was going to be judged.  Luckily, my dad was there to help with the printing and a quick lesson in matting and, in the end I am pretty proud of my  four submissions.   But I am also a bit nervous . . . I really want to be a part of this exhibit.

Well time to get back to work — no rest here — I have four more prints to get matted and tagged.  But at least they aren’t due until Sunday.   These four completely different prints are for the Churchville Photographic Club Contest from March 26 through April 3.   On the bright side, there’s no judging to get in, but it is a competition.  And I don’t have to do any framing, just matting.

I’ll be sure to post an update as to the outcomes, so stay tuned.