I Took A Walk

when in doubt wear red

And now I have the tune from Passion Pit’s Take a Walk stuck in my head.  But I really did take a walk, on Saturday, as part of the Click Magazine & Clickin Moms‘ Clickinwalk 2015 – Philadelphia/Chestnut Hill Section.

I signed up for this walk as an exercise and a practice run of sorts for an upcoming road trip.  Even though I live only 27 min away, I’ve never visited this part of Philadelphia … just like cities and locales on my road trip to visit the southern states of Ga, NC, & SC (and all those in between).  And, as I always seem do, I’ve packed a lot of destinations into this one week road trip, so I want to be as prepared as possible and make the best use of the time I’ll have at each stop.

First, the gear.  I want to travel light as I wander around, but still have options, to explore city streets to old plantations.  So, on Saturday, with just two lenses, a 50mm and a 24-120,  I started out.  The 50 mm was just right for strolling along Germantown Ave and taking in Chestnut Hill’s shops & restaurants and capturing some of its quaint city charm…


to its more metropolitan… inside_chestnuthill

and its vintage appeal… little-things_chestnut-hill

I kind of questioned the time selected for this walk,  definitely not “ideal” for photography… midday and sunny on a busy Saturday in spring. But, as it turns out, these were ideal conditions to prepare for my trip, as I am pretty sure I won’t always be able to pick and choose the conditions during our road trip either.

Next… Observation.  A scheduled 2-hour walk, on the main drag through Chestnut Hill, which by the way still has the cobblestone and trolley tracks ~ hmm, should have gotten a shot of that (note to self:  Go back on a quiet Sunday morning to get the shot and also so no life is risked trying to get the shot) ~ Anyway, 2 hours is not a lot of time.  So instead of just shooting away, trying to capture it all (something I’ve been guilty of more times than I care to admit), on this walk, I stopped and really took a look at things, and then looked again through the view finder.

Of course, it’s not too hard to spot the big things right in front of you…

A good time to switch up lenses to accommodate the landscape, a 24-120
A good time to switch up lenses to accommodate the landscape, a 24-120

But discovering the not so obvious… that takes a little practice, especially when you don’t have a lot of time.  So, stopping to peek behind walls and fences…

or getting down low…along-the-way_chestnut-hill
and, of course, looking up…look-up_Chestnut-HillI found quite assortment of possibilities in just a couple of hours.

Look out Georgia (North Carolina and South Carolina too), this Yankee’s coming 😉

’til next time,