On your mark… Get set…

Go!2015-5k-poster)This is this year’s sponsor poster for the Chalfont Challenge (poster layout courtesy of the borough), and the final race in the Bucks 5K Series.  This was my fourth year (5th if you count the time a actually ran jogged it) that I have been a part of this event.  So what’s so different this year from previous… me.  I’ve learned a few new skills since I started shooting this race and even more paramount, to me, is the comfort level I have reached interacting with and photographing people.  For the first time, I think it’s about 50/50… oh okay, maybe 60/40, candid shots (I do love catching the runner in mid air) and those shots where I’m actually engaged in and engaging the subject… from sponsors, to volunteers, to families, and to think all I had to do was ask… “can I take you picture?”

If you would like to see more photos from this event, you can check them out on my website here http://www.studiomdigitalart.com/p114600569

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Race results


The leader of the pack
. . . and my mom said this would be fun
as light as air
Here are Just a couple of photos from the 5k on Saturday.  To see many more photos from the race visit my site at creativelens.smugmug.com.  Overall the entire event was a success!  The weather held, although it was pretty warm & humid.  There was an abundance of photo opportunities (512 in all).  And I sold a print and a few note cards!  I think the later is quite an accomplishment, seeing as this was a runner’s event and I doubt anyone really came prepared to buy art.
I want to thank Fernando for asking me to be his partner for this event and my dad for making our display boards.  I hope to put them to use again in the very near future!

Showtime . . .

Our show/sale is tomorrow at the Chalfont Challenge!  Continue reading “Showtime . . .”