What’s wrong with this picture?

watermark mishap 1

Hey, hey now, play nice…   and disregard the only model I had available at the time… me 🙂

So, what’s wrong with the photo I’m holding?  Edges – no, there supposed to be blurred and mirror the edges.  This is a big print on canvas and they provide the wrap.  Composition? lighting?  No and no, at least not as far as I’m concerned.  This happens to be a favorite of mine… It’s back-lit, it has lots of red,  it’s my favorite flower …poppy, and it has all the textured imperfections I love.  Try again.

How about now?  Anything…  Now? watermark mishap Look real close… across the yellow center.  Yup, that’s right… I forgot to remove the watermark before sending this big, ink consuming photo to the printer.  A complete “DUH” moment if ever there was one.

On the bright side, I did not send this out to be printed… How horrifying would that have been to open the box and see it.  Or even worse, never notice it and sell it like that… I can’t even imagine.

The .psd file I used was originally saved to be used for a note card and also had a couple layers of text, a saying, which I unchecked to print this.    What can I say, I didn’t check all the layers, because there was one, which because as you can see the opacity is turned way down on that watermark,  looked completely blank… and even when I resized this to print big, I still missed the faint watermark.

Okay, I know some of you are asking… why did I put the watermark there in the first place, especially since it is barely visible?  If you’ve been following this blog, than you probably know this is not my first post on the subject.  I do think of a watermark as a “stop sign” of sorts.  Sure, some will blow right through it like it’s not even there, and there will be no police waiting to stop them, but for many, who follow the rules, they will stop, take a look, and keep on going {lol, not a bad analogy if I say so myself 😉 }   I recently shared a post on Facebook on the topic of watermarking your photos and the debate why or why not photographers use them with some useful links.  So, back to why I use a watermark.  If I am posting a photo to social media (Flickr, Facebook, etc)  that has “print potential,” I like to use a watermark.  I make it faint so as to not detract from the image as much as possible, and put it somewhere not so obvious and where it may be a little more difficult to Photoshop out.  It’s just a little peace of mind.

The photo/file, renamed and saved and all layers not necessary to the final print version deletedwas reprinted, turned out perfect, and my initial excitement to seeing this photo printed BIG promptly returned.     But!  I will still double check…triple check… each layer before I send this photo or any photo to the printer again.  Lesson learned!

Shop News

SMDA AWP postcard 2015
Three new items have been added to my Etsy shop.
Two new canvases and a framed print.
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Locomotive-No.-40 sunflower-patch trois-fleurs
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Grand Opening

There’s no time like the present (rather cliche I know), as I check off another calendar year, to start a new venture {of sorts}.  This year, I have decided to set up shop! Not the bricks and mortar kind (… maybe someday), but one that has just as much potential to succeed… if I treat it as such. Drum roll, please…

studioM logo_girlie

 is now OPEN on ETSY!!!

This has actually been more of a challenge that I anticipated. It is one thing to post and share images here on my blog or on my website, but to sell your product, your art, yourself… in the very competitive world wide web… that takes a wee bit more planning… or so I am finding out.

Here’s a sample from my shop

delicately-purple    purple cosmos product shot purple cosmos canvas wrap close-up

After some poking around, it wasn’t hard choosing Etsy as it offers a platform where I have control of the complete package… from creating, to printing, to the very last detail of packaging & shipping… and all my personal touches in between. I equate this to being very much like the art fests and fairs – they provide the space for me to set up a 10×10 white tent, just like all the other 10×10 white tents, and it is up to me to transform my tent into my own unique shop, make it stand out, and get people to stay a while and take a look around.  This is also one of the most enjoyable aspects of the arts fests, getting to interact with those that visit.  And this is my challenge on Etsy… accomplish this with just a one-sided conversation and written words.

So here it is start of a new calendar year, yes, my birthday, and I can’t think of a better day or way to celebrate than to announce  my


I hope you’ll check out my shop,

Til next time,