Sense of accomplishment

I bought a new printer . . . back in May . . . and I used it for the very first time . . . today.   Quite frankly once I pulled it (Canon’s Pixma Pro 100) out of the box, I was rather intimidated by the thing.  Silly… yeah probably.

I’m sure I probably mentioned this before,  I am no techy.  I knew it would take a good chunk of time (at least for me) to get my bearings and some trial and error.  I probably spent most of that time just trying to find the right word(s)/phrase to Google to find the answers to my questions.   With a little help from DP Review’s forum, where I finally found the right term … “Matching”… to look for in my printer dialogue and then select “None” and  Red River’s very well written how-to on my printer,  I am pretty dang proud of the fact that it only took 5 sheets of paper (free sample pack that came with the printer)  to get a Winner!  Tonight I now have a printed, matted, and framed photo of my … boys 🙂  Speaking of firsts, it is also the first-ever printed photo of Charlie (on left) … and just taken this morning.  It’s only taken me three years to get a photo worthy of printing that really captures Charlie (but that’s a story for another day).   Yes, most definitely a day of accomplishments!

PandC Summer Portrait_1-1

Oh, and two thumbs-up for for Lightroom 5 and the Canon Pixma Pro-100!  Hmmm, maybe a review down the road.

Til next time,



a little iPhone moment

As I was watching my brother and my daughter (with my camera) shoot-it-out with Jenny the bassett as referee, I found myself saying “gee, I wish I had a camera to catch this.”  A-duh, I did!  Right in my back pocket 😛

Photo processed wtih snapseed . . . what a cool little app.  I’m looking forward to many more little Iphone moments.

It’s not the camera. . .

. . . (or the software) but who’s behind the camera ~ anonymous.

It’s not enough that the days, weeks, months and years keep on zipping by and some days it seems I will never catch up (that reminds me I still have a load of laundry in the washer).   But c’mon . . . before I can figure out a new piece of technology, software, and even a feature on my camera (I’m still discovering things), it’s outdated, obsolete .  .  . yesterday’s news.  Is it really necessary to always be updating?  I think not.  What do you think?  Is the technical as instrumental as the creative/artistic element, do they all share equal value, or are the manufacturers just really clever at stoking the debate over brands & versions and getting photographers to open up their wallets?

Both Nikon & Canon have again introduced two new cameras, Adobe just announced CS6 beta, Lightroom now has 4, there’s an iPad 3, an iPhone . . . and I am sure there are a few I forgot to mention.  Seriously, does anybody who has a version or two older ever really completely exhaust everything that version has to offer?

Of course, I am no fool, and if someone handed me any of the above I wouldn’t turn it down.  But until then, I am happy and content with what I have and slowing things down just a bit.  Whew, I feel better now that I got that off my chest 😉

Slow down and everything you are chasing will come around and catch you.
~John De Paola