Baby, it’s cold outside

Happy Friday!  Another week of frigid and snowy weather here in the east.  As beautiful as the snow makes things, I just can’t get myself to go outside and bear the elements. So I’ve been taking advantage of the view (and warmth) from inside.

  snowy-cardinal  snowy-bluejays

I have a fond appreciation for bird photographers. . . swaying branches, swinging bird houses, and jittery birds make for quite a challenge.

Have a warm & wonderful weekend . . .

Til next time,

. . . in the Clouds

That is exactly where my head has been all week, as this week’s 52×52 happens to be clouds.  Before I share my week of clouds, I’d like to share one of my little cloud adventures with you…   It’s not always advisable to walk with your head in the clouds.  My dogs will attest to that.   A week with a beautiful full moon (and some clouds), one morning, I caught a glimpse of the full moon low in the sky (maybe 6 a.m. ish).  So I made sure my iPhone was in my back pocket when it was time to take the “boys”* out.   The “boys” were thrilled as this meant an extra long predawn walk.  On our way…   But every time I got to where I thought there would be an unobstructed view, the moon continued the game of hide & seek.   I picked up the pace (I still had to get to work, after all) … and …then… BAM!  Down I went!  I found a small patch of black ice…the hard way.  The “boys” and I became a tangled mess.  I picked myself up and made sure all my bones were intact and that the “boys” were good to go (I swear Charlie was laughing at me).  More determined than ever now, I quickly continued … on the grass now … only to find the moon had almost completely gone behind a bank of clouds and if that weren’t bad enough … the flash on my phone fired (didn’t even know it was on).  And for all my efforts, bumps, and bruises this was the one and only shot… and what?!?!… no clouds?!?

Cloud_oops(cropped and processed via Instagram)
It’s okay to have your head in the clouds, but remember to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground…  and that’s exactly what I did the rest of the week.



Above photo:  another iPhone shot.  Lovely texture & birds provided by
distressed fx  app

Cloud_predawnAbove photo:  Another predawn/moon iPhone shot.  Apps:  Mobile Monet & distressed fx

Cloud_sunriseFinally… made it to work!  HDR and panoramic features on iPhone…fun,fun,fun!!!


The Clouds …or should I say cloud… moving in.

Cloud_afternoon-lightEvery afternoon winter skies seemed to return, only to start to disappear again just as the sun was starting to set (yep, iPhone again)


So this morning, I finally got my head out of the clouds (well, kinda).

Next week: The color RED

Have a wonderful day!  Hoping to HOP 🙂 in again tomorrow with an Easter greeting.

Til then, 

* The “boys” , in this post and all posts from this time on, refers to my two Golden Retrievers.  Charlie will be 3 shortly and Parker is 5.  Their personalities are identical (seriously, no exaggeration here) to that of Tigger (that’s Charlie) and Eeyore (that would be Parker).


Chatting with a Cheetah

“can you speak rhinoceros?”
I’d say “of courserous! Can’t you?”

What a week!  I knew lots of changes would be in store for me as I started a new job.  I guess now that it is Friday, looking back, I could have spent my down time on Tuesday (I started the new job on Wednesday) doing things like stocking the fridge with food, maybe doing a load of laundry or two, or vacuuming up some dog hair.    Well I am so, no make that Super-duper glad I put all those chores and responsibilities aside and spent the day at the ZOO!   My hubby, daughter, and I were like three little kids ooing and ahhing at the animals, enjoying a-couldn’t-be-more-perfect day at the oldest Zoo in the U.S.  Yes, Tuesday was the perfect reboot!


If I could talk to the animals, just imagine it,
Chattin’ with a chimp in chimpanzee, Imagine talking to a tiger,
chatting with a cheetah,
What a neat achievement it would be!

There is definitely going to have to be a Part II to this post.  As I look through the photos I took (all 529 :-0 ), I feel so thankful . . . like I said, there is sure to be a Part II.

Raising Robins

It hasn’t been the most pleasant of weeks around here weather-wise.  It has been very humid and we had a couple storms roll through here yesterday . . . today and tomorrow’s forecasts are for more of the same.  But, we all make the best of it, including mama and her brood.

a built in umbrella 

and of course everyone still needs to eat 

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