Identity Crisis

A question for my fellow bloggers.   Do you think the look of your blog is as essential as its content?  Should it reflect you as well as the content?  Oops, sorry that’s two questions.  In case you’re wondering, I’ve been having a bit of an identity crisis lately — maybe you’ve noticed – I’m sporting a new look 😉

A little history:  My blog initially started out as a way for me to chronicle what I was doing in my photography classes, thus the “Photoblog” in the title.   Holy cow, it will be three years come next month that I started my blogging venture.   Well, since then, my “formal” schooling has been put on hold , but my enthusiasm for learning has been moving full-steam ahead.  It seems each year I have taken on a new challenge … always tied to the heart of it all … my photography.   This year’s concentration . . . my blog.   Even after three years, I still find blogging to be quite intimidating.   A self-confidence issue, I am sure.  So to help me find my confidence and my “voice” to accompany my photography as well as life’s little interruptions, I have signed on to Behind the Scenes with Kim & Xanthe.   I can’t wait!  I am sure I’ll learn all sorts of tidbits on how to add my own style (whatever that might be) and really make it my own …

One more question:  Do you think you have to actually pay to get what you want … with regard to a blog that is?   I do love FREE and so far that has worked for me … although it definitely comes with limitations.  Maybe I just need to change the hosting site.  I have seen so many creative blogs on Blogger … or maybe Tumblr.   Is it even worth changing?  So many questions.   Well, hopefully over the next few weeks/months as I find my confidence, my voice, and my style, I will also find some answers to all these questions.   And, of course, your thoughts and/or recommendations are always super appreciated!