Say Hello to Captain Jack


Today, I got to meet Capt. Jack.    Capt. Jack and my son were representing Animal LifeLine of Warrington, a rescue where my son, Tom, volunteers, and  they spent their Sunday hanging out at Pet Value in Doylestown.  Capt. Jack has a slight birth defect, his one eyelid is too small, so he always looks like he’s winking.   He’ll be having surgery tomorrow and will be left with only one eye… and one really cool name, Capt. Jack (for all you Pirates of the Caribbean fans).  And, I hear there may be home waiting for him.   He was a little tired when I came to visit but woke up long enough for me to share him with you. Capt-Jack-2   If you’re local, you can find some of his litter mates at the rescue.  And if your not, you can always stop by their website… donations are always appreciated.

Stay tuned, I hope to have a project in the works in the coming month or two to help support Tom’s feline friends.

Hope you had a great weekend… I sure did.

Until Next time,

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