Let’s Get Craftsy

Just this morning, over that first cup of coffee and logging on for the day, I was introduced to Craftsy.  Thank you David Seeram from Photography BB for bringing it to my attention.  Mr. Seerum shared a photography resource on exposure . . . did I mention it was a free little e-book (btw, be sure to check out Photography BB’s blog too!).  At Craftsy, not only was there the free photography e-Book (thanks!), but all sorts of crafty things…food, painting, jewelry…just to name a few.  I found this site particularly delightful mainly because I find so much inspiration in all sorts of crafts… not just my own.  So, for me, Crafty is a keeper.  And in case you haven’t guessed, Photography BB sits pretty high on my list of keepers too… Can’t wait for the next issue of Clarity.  Just click on the links in red to check them out for yourself.

Do you have a favorite blog or website you’s like to share?

Til next time,


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