Sink or Swim

You know the old saying, a picture is worth a thousands words, well this one is speaking loud and clear to me.

sink or swim Because on Monday, I will be getting up in front of a room of photographers and do my best to present a full agenda with a feature on printing/matting/framing.  Did I mention I will also be standing up in front of that same room full of photographers as the newly elected President of the Doylestown Photography Club :-o.   Yep, this photo pretty much sums up just about everything I’m feeling right about now … exhilaration one minute to a complete fear of drowning (so to speak) the next.

I know there’s really nothing to worry about.  This is anything but a one-man-show; it’s a real team effort and I am 100% sure they got my back.  Right guys (you know who you are 🙂 ) ?  So, I’m expecting…hoping to feel more like thisbig bang…by 9:30 (of course that’s assuming everything runs smoothly) Monday night.

Til next time,
sign off

4 thoughts on “Sink or Swim

  1. You will do a fabulous job, you always do!!! I have your back girl! I can’t wait to see your presentation. I’m sure you will shine and “swim”!

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